How to Copy and Forward an iMessage

Last updated: May 6, 2017 - 10:35am EDT

Want to forward an iMessage to someone, but not sure how to do it? It can be time-consuming to re-type or paraphrase everything someone said to you in a message, and we wouldn’t want you to be wasting your time doing all that when there is a much easier way. In this tutorial, we’ll show you the steps of how you can forward a message through iMessage on your iPhone or iPad.

How to forward an iMessage

1. Open the Messages app.

Tap Messages to launch the app.

Launch Messages app

2. Locate the message you want to forward.

Scroll through your messages to find the message you’d like to forward to someone else.

Find message you would like to forward

3. Tap and hold your finger on the message, then tap Copy.

On the message bubble, tap and hold your finger until buttons appear at the bottom of your screen. When it appears, tap Copy.

Tap and hold on message to copy it

4. Go to the conversation you wish to forward the message to.

Now go to the conversation where you’d like to send the copied message. Tap the person’s name to open your conversation.

Locate conversation you would like to forward the message to

5. Hold your finger on the text box, then tap Paste.

On the message screen, tap and hold your finger on the text box at the bottom. When the button appears above the text box, tap Paste.

iPhone paste options

6. Tap the blue arrow button to send it off.

Tap the blue arrow button to send your forwarded message.

iMessage send button


That’s all you need to do to forward an iMessage. We have other tutorials like how to use iMessage on Mac and how to make group chats, so if you want to become an iMessage expert, be sure to read those as well!

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