Replying to Emails with Gmail

So you just got an email on Gmail from a good friend of yours, asking you if you'd like to go out for lunch on the weekend. How do you write them back and let them know that you would love to spend some quality time with them? We'll show you how Gmail makes it easy to do this.

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in. When you get to your main "Inbox" screen, click on the conversation that contains the email which you wish to reply to (remember to click anywhere except on the three buttons at the far left of the conversation), in order to open it.

  2. While viewing a conversation, you can click Reply in the box at the bottom of the screen to reply to the last email in the conversation (note: clicking on the empty space inside the box will accomplish this, too).

    You can also click Reply to All if you want to send your reply email back to everyone involved in the conversation at the same time.

  3. Or, if you want to respond to a particular email in the conversation, you can click the reply button () in the upper-right corner of any email in the conversation that's visible (to make a collapsed email visible again, click on it). You can also click the arrow icon () next to this and select Reply to All to send your reply to that email to everyone in the conversation.

  4. The box at the bottom of the screen should now look similar to the one in the screenshot below. As you'll notice, it looks very similar to the box that you use to write and send your own emails on Gmail. It also works in much the same way.

    Notice that at least one name/address is already in the Recipients ("To") When you reply to an email, Gmail assumes that you're sending an email back to the person who sent that email (or everyone in the conversation, if you've chosen "Reply All"), so it fills in that person's name/address automatically as a recipient. But you can still click here and type in other names and addresses to change who you're sending the reply email to.

    You can also:

    — Click CC or BCC to add recipients of carbon copies or blind carbon copies to your email

    — Click in the composition (middle) box to write your message

    — Click the Formatting Options button to open the formatting menu and change how your message looks

    — Click the Attachments button to attach a file from your computer to your email

    — Click the Discard button if you decide not to write the email anymore

  5. When you've put everything that you want to into your email, including recipients, your message, and any attachments, click Send to get it where it needs to go!

And that's pretty much all there is to replying to an email with Gmail!