Goodreads Mobile App

What is the Goodreads app?

The Goodreads app (short for “application”) is a free program that you can install on your mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet computer.  It is a special version of Goodreads that is designed to be easier to use on mobile devices, where your controls would otherwise be somewhat limited when compared to a desktop computer. 

There are two primary versions of the app, depending on what kind of operating system your device uses.  There is one for iOS (used by Apple devices, such as the iPad and iPhone), and one for Android (used by pretty much everything else).

Goodreads App for iPhone

To get the Goodreads app for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices that use the iOS operating system:

  1. Find the application on your iPhone or iPad called App Store and touch it to open it.

  2. Tap the search bar in the top-right corner (it has a magnifying glass icon inside it) and type in “goodreads”.  As you do so, a menu should appear with suggestions on what you might be looking for.  Tap goodreads when it appears.

  3. You should see information about the Goodreads app appear, like it does in the screenshot below.  Tap Get, and then once it changes to Install (or a little cloud with an arrow, like it does here), tap that.

    (NOTE: You will likely be asked to log into your Apple account, if you aren’t logged in already.  If you don’t have an Apple account, click this link and fill in the appropriate information in the boxes as instructed.) 

  4. The Goodreads app will immediately begin downloading and installing on your device.  When it finishes, tap Open to launch the app from the App Store. 

    You can also simply find the new Goodreads app in your list of applications (it looks exactly like the icon in this screenshot), and tap that to launch the program.

Goodreads App for Android

To get the Goodreads app for devices that use the Google Android operating system:

  1. Find the application on your phone or tablet called Play Store or Google Play and touch it to open it.

  2. Touch the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner to search, and type in “goodreads”.  As you do so, a menu should drop down suggesting possible apps you may be looking for.  One should have the Goodreads logo () beside it; touch this to select it.

  3. When you get to the information page about the Goodreads app for Android, tap Install.

  4. You will be notified of what parts of your device the Goodreads app may need access to.  (Mostly, this will just be your contacts in order to connect you with friends who also use Goodreads, and your camera in order to use the bar code scanner feature).  Tap Accept.

  5. After the app installs, tap Open, or go back to your device’s applications, find the new app called Goodreads, and tap it.  This will open the app for you.


That’s a brief overview of how to find and install the Goodreads app for your iOS or Android device, so you can take Goodreads with you wherever you go!