Goodreads Review

Thinking of joining your fellow bookworms on Goodreads?  Here are some quick good and not-so-good points about the website.


  • Free for all book lovers — Goodreads doesn't cost any money to sign up for or use.

  • Join a virtual book club… or two, or three! — Goodreads is a very social-focused website, so you can join groups of people who like the same kinds of books that you do and have discussions about your favourite works.

  • Connect with fellow bookworms — Goodreads also offers support to link your email and social media accounts, so it's easy to keep in touch with friends who are already members on Goodreads.  You can also use these social media connections to let your friends know what you're reading now.

  • Keep your library neat and tidy — You can organize your books by putting them on virtual "shelves" that indicate if you've read them, are reading them now, or want to read them in the future.  You can also create custom shelves if you want.

  • Find a new favourite tome — By reading, reviewing, and rating books, you'll get suggestions on which ones that you might want to read next.

  • Get your hands on a copy — Goodreads includes tools that help you buy books from online retailers, or borrow them from libraries.


  • Don't judge a book review by its cover — There are instances where people leave reviews or ratings based not on the quality of a book, but on a personal relationship with the author.  They may give their own books (or those of their friends) good ratings or reviews, and trash-talk books by rival authors.  As with most other websites that allow reviews, it doesn't hurt to maintain a little skepticism.

  • No support for loaning books — Certain other reading-oriented websites have "loan-out" features where you can keep track of who has borrowed your books and who wants to borrow them next.  Goodreads doesn't have anything like that.

  • Interface is a little lacking — Some people just generally don't like the layout or formatting of the Goodreads website, or think that there is too little cataloguing information for books.  They claim that this makes the website difficult to use.

The Bottom Line: 8.5/10

If you love books, Goodreads is one website you're definitely going to want to get to know.  As one of the most popular literature-oriented social networks, you'll not only find tools to help you organize and expand your collection of great reads, but also join conversations with other people who like to turn pages as much as you do!  Fun little games and activities give you a way to pass the time, and it's all free of charge to use!

The main things to be aware of when using this website is that its interface might take a bit of getting used to, and not everyone's opinion will be totally credible or one that you will agree with.  Once you learn how to use the website and stick to its best features, it's both a great tool and a great entertainment and social hub for book lovers, whether you're into hard-covers or paperbacks.