Goodreads Search

Looking for information on a specific book on Goodreads?  The most common criteria that you can use to search for it are the book's name, author, or international standard book number (I.S.B.N.).  But there are other things that you can look for about a book on Goodreads, too!  And it's all relatively easy to do!

How to search on Goodreads

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click in the search box across the top (it will say "Author / Title / ISBN" if it's empty) and type in a book's name, author, or ISBN to search for it.  As you do so, Goodreads will give you suggestions as to what book you might be looking for. 

    You can click a result in the list that appears to go directly to that book, or click the magnifying glass () icon (or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard) to search for exactly what you typed in.

  3. On the next screen, you will be able to see the results for what you searched for.

    At the top of the results page, if you want to perform a new search, click in the search box (it will say "Search by Book Title, Author, or ISBN" if it's empty) and type in something new to search for.  Then click Search.   You can also click one of the buttons below this box to search for "All" results, by "Title", by "Author", or by "Genre".

    In addition, you can click one of the tabs above the results to see different kinds of results, including:

    Books: books found by name, author, or ISBN

    Groups: virtual book clubs on Goodreads whose descriptions match your search terms

    Quotes: passages that contain your search terms, or that are by people or in books that match your search terms

    Events: Book club meetings, author appearances, and other events posted on Goodreads whose descriptions match your search terms

    Stories: original works by Goodreads users whose descriptions or texts contain your search terms

    People: users on Goodreads whose (user) names contain your search terms

    Listopia: lists of favourite books of users on Goodreads, which contain descriptions, books, or authors that match your search terms

    Trivia: fun knowledge-testing questions related to authors or books that match your search terms

    Click on a part of a result in gold font for more information.


That's pretty much all there is to searching on Goodreads!  Pretty easy, right?