Goodreads Settings

If you're worried about who can see your information on Goodreads, have an email inbox flooded with updates from Goodreads, or want to find a specific supplier to buy or borrow books from by way of Goodreads, you can adjust all of these things and more!

To get to your settings on Goodreads, Go to in your web browser and log in.  Click the small triangle beside your profile picture in the top-right corner and click Edit Profile.

This will take you directly to the Profile section of your account settings, but you access other categories of settings here, as well.  We'll go over them individually in the proceeding sections.

Categories of settings on Goodreads


This category of settings lets you control the personal information associated with your Goodreads account.  You can add or edit:

  • A profile picture to represent yourself with on Goodreads

  • Your first, middle, or last name (note: your profile must at least have a first name)

  • How your name displays to other users

  • A unique user name for you on Goodreads

  • Your gender

  • Your mailing code, city, state/province/territory, or country

  • Your day, month, or year of birth

  • Your personal website address

  • What you like to do or know a lot about

  • The kinds of books that you like to read

  • Anything else that you think people might like to know about you

You can also choose whether or not (certain) people can see your last name, location, age, or birthday.

Click Save Profile Settings at the bottom of the screen when you're done making changes.


These are general settings that control how your Goodreads account works in general.  You can change the email address or password associated with your Goodreads account.  In addition, you can choose:

  • Who can see your Goodreads profile (anyone, Goodreads members only, or friends only)

  • Who can follow or comment on your reviews (anyone on Goodreads, or just friends)

  • Who can send you private messages on Goodreads (anyone on Goodreads, or just friends)

  • Whether or not your email address is shared with your friends on Goodreads

  • A question (and, optionally, a correct response) for users wanting to be your friend

  • Whether or not Goodreads should recommend other users to become friends with

  • Whether or not Goodreads should prompt you to offer recommendations for your friends

  • The language that Goodreads displays in

You can also come here to delete your Goodreads account, if you should want to.  See our How to Delete a Goodreads Account tutorial for further instructions.

Click Save Account Settings at the bottom of the screen to keep any changes that you've made.


This category lets you adjust when you get email notifications about what's happening on Goodreads, and how often you get them (usually daily or weekly).  You can choose to receive emails for events such as a friend posting a review, someone leaving a new comment on a discussion that you've commented on, or someone making a book recommendation for you.  You can also choose to receive other newsletters about general activity on Goodreads, such as when new features become available or an author whom you're following holds a question-and-answer period. 

At the bottom of the page, you can click Reset to Defaults to set your email preferences back to the way they were when you first opened your account on Goodreads.  Or, you can click Unsubscribe to all Goodreads Emails to automatically deselect all options related to receiving email updates from Goodreads.  (You may still receive on-site notifications, though.) 

Click Save Email Settings when you have your settings the way that you want them.


This menu lets you choose what types of activities show up on your profile page, your home page, or your friends' home pages on Goodreads.  This lets others know (or reminds you yourself) what you've been up to on the website.  These activities include reviewing a book, taking a quiz, posting a comment, joining a group, and so on. 

Just click to mark or unmark the updates that you want publicly shown (or not), and then click Save Feed Settings at the bottom of the screen to preserve any changes.


The settings in this category allow you to connect your Goodreads account with accounts elsewhere. For example, you can post updates on what you're reading to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, connect to Amazon to add books you've purchased there to your collection, or automatically publish any reviews you write to your WordPress blog (i.e. online journal). 

You'll also find links here to download special programs that will let you use Goodreads more easily on your mobile device, such as your iPhone, iPad, or Android-powered smart phone or tablet computer.  See our Goodreads App tutorial for more information about these programs, along with specific instructions on how to get them.


These aren't really settings so much as neat little tools that you can insert into your personal web page or blog (i.e. online journal) so visitors can see what you've been up to on Goodreads.  However, they take a bit of advanced technical knowledge to use properly, so you probably shouldn't worry too much about them.  If you can figure out how to use them, though… great!

Book Links

This category allows you to select which book suppliers that you can purchase or borrow a copy of a book from will appear on that book's information page on Goodreads.  For more on buying or borrowing a copy of a book from one of these suppliers by way of Goodreads, see our How to Download Books from Goodreads tutorial.

On the left-hand side is a list of the current suppliers that will appear; click the up or down arrow beside a supplier to move them up or down the list, or click Remove to remove it from the list.  On the right-hand side is a list of all available suppliers; the ones already displayed by Goodreads will say "Added" beside them.  Click Add beside a supplier to have it appear as an option for buying or borrowing a book on that book's information page on Goodreads.


If you have purchased e-books or advertising campaigns on Goodreads, or swapped books with someone on Goodreads, the details of the transactions will show up here.  You can also click Payment Accounts to check and edit your billing information that you use to purchase things on Goodreads.


Well, that wraps up our explanation of settings on Goodreads!  We hope you find some of them helpful!