GRAND Magazine on Social Media

Can’t get enough of GRAND Magazine?  Want to meet some of the people who love reading it as much as you do, and maybe even some of the people who make it happen?  Head over to one of their social media pages and see what the buzz is!  Join the conversation, make some new friends, and learn as much as you can about living the life of a grandparent in style!

To get there from GRAND Magazine’s main website, go to in your web browser, find the “Connect with Us” section along the right-hand side of almost any page on the website, and click one of the social media website logos (from left to right, they are Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus) to go to GRAND Magazine’s page on that website.

GRAND Magazine on Twitter


Christine Crosby, GRAND Magazine’s founder, represents the magazine on Twitter.  Most of her “tweets”, or posts, are short introductions to articles in GRAND Magazine, along with links to those articles.  This makes it great for quickly exploring some of the advice and stories that GRAND Magazine has to offer, without searching for anything in particular.  You can respond to or re-post anything you find interesting, or use “hashtags” and other tools to find messages about a particular topic or person.

GRAND Magazine on Facebook


Facebook is one of the largest social media websites around, so you’ll be seeing plenty of things going on with GRAND Magazine here.  You will see many of the same articles you see on the website, but they’re available to a much larger audience, so people will be having discussions about them.  Feel free to join in, and “like” anything that you see!  You may also see some other stories that have been contributed by GRAND Magazine’s readers and partners, so be sure to check those out, too!

GRAND Magazine on Google Plus


GRAND Magazine’s page on Google Plus is sort of like its page on Facebook.  It lets you see who works closely with GRAND Magazine, and who likes reading it. It also contains pictures, quotes, links to articles (some of which appear in GRAND Magazine itself), and anything else that GRAND Magazine thinks is interesting or useful to grandparents and their families.  Try leaving a comment on something that you like, or share it with someone you know who might like it.

GRAND Magazine on Pinterest

GRAND Magazine also has a page on Pinterest at, though to view it properly, you need to be signed up for Pinterest anyway.  Fortunately, we have a Pinterest Course that will teach you all about what Pinterest is and how to use it.


Those are some of the ways that you can expand your GRAND Magazine experience over social media!  Have fun chatting with others about life as a grandparent!