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Last updated: May 1, 2016 - 12:48pm EDT

Groupon Bucks are a type of currency only used within Groupon. Think of them like a points reward system at a grocery store, only without having to remember how many points is equal to how many dollars (since it’s already in a dollar value). The only way to get Groupon Bucks is to earn them and through promotions.

Groupon Bucks can be used like cash to purchase vouchers, gifts and more from Groupon.  They work similarly to a gift card: you can use your Groupon Bucks to pay for as much as you can, and then use your credit card for the rest.

How to Get Groupon Bucks

Groupon Bucks can only be earned by referrals or through purchases.

Getting Groupon Bucks through Referrals

To gain Groupon Bucks through referrals, you must recommend Groupon to your friends.  When they make their first purchase on Groupon, you’ll be award $10 in Groupon Bucks. This will remain the same for every referral you make – so if 10 people make a purchase off Groupon who were referred by you, you make $100 in Groupon Bucks.  Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Once you get back to Groupon's home page, click your name in the top right corner and select Refer Friends, Get $10* from the drop down menu.

  3. You’ll be taken to a page with multiple ways to refer friends.  Click the yellow circles () below to learn more about referring friends for Groupon Bucks:


    Tweet It

    Tweet to all your followers about the amazing deals on Groupon.


    Share It On Facebook

    Submit a post onto your Facebook account that let’s everyone know they should sign up for Groupon.


    Email Invitations

    Email your contacts about signing up for Groupon.


    Copy / Paste Referral Link

    This allows you to take the link others will need to use to be referred by you and paste it anywhere you like, such as on your blog or YouTube channel.

  4. All posts, tweets and emails sent out will have a link that others will click to get to Groupon. It’s a special code that lets Groupon know you’re the one who referred them. This way, they know who to give Groupon bucks to.

Getting Groupon Bucks through Promotions

Another way to gain Groupon Bucks is by promotional offers. Recently, Groupon gave its customers the option to gain 5% back in Groupon Bucks when they bought certain packages from Groupon Getaways. To learn more about Groupon Getaways, check out our Groupon Travel tutorial.

Occasionally, Groupon will send out an email for promotional days. One instance was an email that Groupon sent saying that if you bought any Groupon on the promotional day, you automatically got 5 Groupon Bucks. Just another way that Groupon helps you save money!


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