Groupon Coupons

Unlike Groupons, that offer a service or product at a very discounted price, coupons are free deals – much like those you’d find in the newspaper. Groupon coupons are especially great if you’re shopping online, because there are tons of deals; though they do offer in-store printable coupons.


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How to Find Groupon Coupons

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Select Coupons in the top header of the website.

  3. This will take you to all of their coupon deals. To browse coupons by category, store, or keyword, use the options below. In this example, we’ll be shopping by store.

  4. Groupon will list the most popular stores first; underneath you are able to search alphabetically for the store name. To search alphabetically, first select the first letter of the store name that you’d like to search for.

  5. The list of results will be alphabetical, but it will be very long. On your computer keyboard, hold “Ctrl” and then press “F” to open the search function. The search function will appear either in the bottom left of your screen or top right. Type to start searching for your store name, and the search function will automatically find it for you.

    Click on the store name to see a list of their coupons.

  6. There are three types of Groupon coupons:

    Online coupons – Coupons with codes that can be redeemed while shopping online. Enter the code at checkout to redeem the coupon.

    In-store coupons – Coupons that need to be printed out and brought in-store in order to redeem.

    Sale coupons – Not exactly a coupon: you don’t need a code or the coupon itself, but it does let you know about store-wide sales the company is having.

  7. If you have an online coupon or a sale coupon, click Activate Sale to be redirected to another page. There will be a popup that will include the coupon code (if applicable) or will let you know that you do not need a coupon to get this great deal. Click Shop Now to be redirected to the store’s website.

  8. If the sale is in-store and needs a coupon, select the button Print this Coupon. A printable window will popup with a quick link to Print this Coupon and a preview of what your coupon will look like.

  9. Bring the coupon to the store nearest you and redeem for great savings on everything imaginable!