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Groupon travel is a great way to get amazing deals on hotels, flights, and tourist activities at every major travel destination in the world. Choose between all-inclusive trips, such as this one to Peru:

Or just get a hotel – such as this one in Niagara Falls:

In January 2014, Groupon added another 20,000 hotels to the Getaways Marketplace – so you can get away more, for less.

Searching for a Groupon Getaway

  1. At the top of Groupon’s website, where the categories are, select Getaways to begin searching for your next adventure!

  2. On the left are a few menus with quick links to some popular destinations. First are Flash deals, which are offers of 15-70% off three to five star hotels. Second are Top Destinations that are the most popular destinations on Groupon. Lastly, Interests (not shown) are categorized according to interests – such as family fun, beach, international, tours, and more.

  3. To search for a specific deal location, use the search bar at the top to enter both your destination and your preferred check-in and checkout dates. When you’re finished, select Search Getaways.

  4. You’ll be shown all search results. If there are any all-inclusive packages, they should be at the top. Otherwise, it will mainly be hotels.

  5. Click whichever option you prefer to see the details of the deal. When you scroll down, you’ll be able to take a look at the location of the hotel and any amenities they may have.

    For the example here, this four-star hotel is located near the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. It has complementary Wi-Fi, rainfall shower heads, and LCD TVs, though breakfast is not included.

  6. Underneath is the fine print, such as the hotel’s cancellation policy. To view their fine print, you must choose a room. To choose a room, scroll back to the top and select how many adults and children will be staying at the hotel, then select one of the room options from the drop-down menu.

    When you’re done, you’re able to scroll down to see the fine print. If you’re satisfied, scroll back up and select Book!

  7. You’ll now be able to see the details of your order, including the type of room, the number of guests, and which dates exactly you’ll be staying.

  8. Enter your traveler information and your credit card information (if you haven’t already) and select Complete Order.

  9. When you’ve booked your trip, Groupon will send you a verification email to let you know it went through. It’s always a good idea to wait a week or two (depending on how close your trip is) and call the hotel to make sure they’ve made the reservation.  As with most hotels, they will usually send you an email when you’re check-in date is approaching to remind you of your stay and any extra information they may have for you.

Bon Voyage!