HBO Now Review

Now that you know a little bit about HBO Now, you might be considering signing up for an account. Before you do, though, you might want to take a look at the pros and cons of HBO Now. We'll lay them out for you here so you can determine if it’s the streaming service you’re looking for or not.


  • One-month free trial – You can try HBO Now out for free for a month, using the full version of the service as if you were paying for it. You can also cancel your subscription at any time – no strings attached.
  • Watch your shows anywhere, anytime – You can set up HBO Now on as many devices as you want, and you can stream simultaneously. This means one subscription is good for your whole family! It also means you can take HBO Now with you virtually anywhere.
  • Get access to exclusive content – HBO shows and movies have always been very exclusive, and until now, you could only get them with a TV subscription to HBO through your provider. HBO Now is the only place you can get access to programs like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and The Wire without a TV subscription.


  • A comparably small amount of content – Because the highlight of HBO Now is HBO-exclusive programming, this is the majority of what you can stream on HBO Now. Though it has additional non-HBO content like hit movies and shows, it is a small amount compared to the vast libraries of Netflix or Hulu.
  • The cost – Though $14.99/month is a manageable amount if you’re not paying for other TV services, it’s quite steep compared to other streaming services. Services like Netflix and Hulu cost only $7.99/month, which is almost half the price. However, TV subscriptions to HBO can be as pricey as $17.99/month on top of your regular TV service.
  • Ohhh, the data prices – If you don’t have unlimited Internet at home, or unlimited data on your devices, you could be looking at a significant bill for your Internet and data usage at the end of the month. Streaming shows and movies through HBO Now is an activity that uses more Internet and data then almost any other online activity, so make sure you monitor this carefully if you sign up. Also, factor in the added cost of potentially needing to upgrade your Internet service. For more information about this, visit our tutorial on HBO Now data usage.
  • Only in America – Even though HBO is available through TV subscriptions in some other countries, due to licensing restrictions, HBO Now only works in the United States. This means that you need to have a valid American ZIP Code, as well as be physically located in the US while you are watching. If you have a valid subscription and want to watch HBO Now while you are on vacation in France, it will not work.

Is HBO Now Worth It?

HBO Now is worth it if you like HBO programs, and don’t already spend a lot of money on TV subscriptions or other streaming services. This is the only place you can get access to HBO content without a TV subscription, but the $14.99/month price is a little steep. If you love HBO more than regular tv, you should definitely consider HBO Now.

The bottom line: 7.5/10

HBO Now is definitely targeted at a specific audience – those of us who love the stellar shows and movies that HBO continues to produce. Some of the best shows on television are at your fingertips, unlimited, for one monthly price. You can set up your whole house to use HBO Now with only one subscription, and enjoy as much HBO as you can watch, while occasionally checking out other programs.

However, if you’re looking for a more standard or low-priced streaming service where you have access to other kinds of shows and movies, HBO Now isn’t the best choice. $14.99/month is quite expensive compared to other streaming services – but HBO has to pay for the budgets on those amazing shows!


To determine if you should get HBO Now, you have to decide how many HBO shows and movies you can watch. HBO produces some of the best shows on television, and this content isn’t available through any service other than a paid TV subscription to HBO. If you love HBO shows more than anything on your regular tv package, and have an extra $14.99 every month, you should definitely sign up for HBO Now. Check out the next tutorial in this course to learn how!