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Now that you know a bit of general information about, you're probably wondering how the site is set up and what specifically you can do on it.  In other words, how does it help you find people whom you might be interested in meeting, one of whom could be your "special someone"?  Read on and find out.

Create an Account and Profile

As with most online dating sites like, your first step on will be to create an account and profile.  Your account information will help keep you secure on the website, as well as help find people of the gender, age range, and geographical area that you're looking for.

Your profile information, on the other hand, helps determine in detail who you are and what you're looking for in a date, from physical features to hobbies to political/religious beliefs.

For more information, see our How to Sign Up for and How to Create a Profile tutorials.

Sign Up for a Subscription

A free membership on only allows you to look around for people whom you might be interested in.  If you want to see who's interested in you, or communicate with them in any way, you'll have to purchase a paid subscription. offers different subscription packages that vary in terms of the features that you get, the amount of time that they last, and how much they cost.

For more information about subscriptions on, see our How Much does Cost article.

Look for Matches

Once you have all of the administrative stuff out of the way, it's time to find out whom you might be interested in, or who might be interested in you.  There are a few different ways to do this.

  1. Based on the info about both yourself and what you're looking for in a date (as well as what's in other people's profiles), will send you a certain number of potential matches per day.  You can review them and tell who strikes your fancy and who just doesn't seem like a good fit. This is similar to the matching feature of

    See our tutorial on Matching for more information about "Daily Matches".

  2. If's recommendations aren't giving you what you want, you can also search for matches manually.  You can pick all of the search criteria yourself, or you can let make things easy by showing the people within your basic search criteria who have the most traits that you're looking for, and/or are looking for most of the traits that you have.  You can even search for matches based on what brands or organizations you both like. 

    See our tutorials on Matching and Search to learn how to look for matches manually.

  3. Finally, you can also look for matches by directly using's matching program, Synapse.  Synapse allows you to input previous matches that it has found for you based on what's in your profile (both information and preferences), whom you've interacted with on (like sending Winks or likes, or saying you are or aren't interested), and how you generally use the tools on to communicate or match yourself with people.  Select up to three matches, and then click Match Me to see who else you can find! 

    See our Matching tutorial to learn how to use's "Synapse" function.

Communicate with Matches

Why just look when you can connect? offers three convenient ways to get in touch with people who interest you, or who are interested in you.

  1. You can send them a "wink" if you're shy and need an easy way to break the ice.

  2. You can send an email if you have your thoughts together, and want to start a personalized conversation about something specific.

  3. If you're not afraid of a little spontaneity, you can start a private chat with someone, and see where the conversation goes!

See our Communication tutorial for specific instructions on how to contact your matches.

Sign Up for Events

If you're looking for an idea as to what would be a great date to take one of your matches out on, or just want to get out from behind the computer and into the real world to have some fun and meet people who are into what you like, give's "Stir" feature a try. 

Every so often, Stir puts on dating events, which it then recommends to you based on where you live and what your interests are.  You can sign up for these events even if you only have a free membership, and you can even bring your friends along, too!

See our Events tutorial for instructions on how to find and sign up for events near you!


Well, those are the major ways that you can use in a nutshell!  Be sure to check out the specific tutorials for more details.


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