How to Download and Use the Foursquare App

Now that you know what Foursquare is and how it works, and have read the previous tutorial on how to use the Foursquare website, you’re probably thinking that it would be useful to be able to take with you on the go. Because Foursquare helps you find the best places around you to do almost anything, the Foursquare app could be very useful to you. Read the instructions below to find out how to download and sign up for the Foursquare app, as well as how to use the rest of its functions.

To download the Foursquare app

(NOTE: These instructions are written for mobile devices running the Google Android operating system.  We will provide prompts where the process may differ on an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad.)

  1. Tap Play Store (or App Store on your Apple iOS device) to open it.

    Access the app store on your device to download Foursquare.

  2. Tap the search bar and type in “Foursquare.”

    Search for Foursquare in the app store.

  3. Tap Foursquare – Best City Guide.

    Tap Foursquare.

  4. Tap the Install button (or Get and then Install on Apple iOS devices).

    Tap the Install button.

  5. Wait for the Foursquare app to download, and then tap Open to launch it.

    Wait for Foursquare to download, and then tap Open.

How to sign up for Foursquare

Once you have downloaded the Foursquare app, be sure to open it by tapping the Foursquare icon on your home screen.

Open Foursquare by tapping the icon on your screen.

To sign up:

1. Enable location services on your device so the Foursquare app can find places near you.

Foursquare will immediately prompt you to enable location services on your device. First, tap Grant Access, and then tap Allow.

Enable location services.

You will need to enable location services for Foursquare to work, as its purpose involves showing you great things you can do in your general geographical area.

2. Access the settings for your profile to create an account.

To create a Foursquare account, tap the Me icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Tap the Me icon to create an account, if you haven't already done so with the Foursquare website.

3. Choose to sign up with your Facebook, Google, or email account.

With Foursquare, you can choose from three different options to sign up. To choose to sign up with your Facebook account, tap the blue "F" icon. To sign up with a Google account, tap the red "G" icon. From there, you will need to follow the prompts and enter the credentials for your Google or Facebook account. To sign up with an email address, tap the grey envelope icon.

Choose to sign up with an email address, with Google, or with Facebook.

4. Fill in your personal information to create a profile.

Tap inside each of the boxes on the next screen and type in or select:

  • first and last name
  • email address
  • a password to protect your account
  • date of birth
  • gender

There is also an option to add your phone number, but this is not required. When you’re finished, tap the blue Done button in the top-right corner.

Tap done when you've entered all of your personal information.

5. Confirm your email and begin using the app.

Foursquare will now prompt you to ask if you entered your email address correctly. Tap Yes, and then tap Great on the next screen to start using the Foursquare app.

Confirm your email address.

If you’ve already signed up for Foursquare on the website, you will not need to create a new account. Simply read below to learn how to sign into your existing account on the app.

How to use Foursquare

In the Foursquare app, there are four main menus you can access, each with its own specific functions. Tap Search to search for great locations around you.  Tap Lists to access your saved locations. Tap History to be shown places Foursquare thinks you’ve been lately (this is handy for saving them and coming back to them later).  And tap Me to change or update your Foursquare profile and settings.

Use the Foursquare menus at the bottom of the app to search, access your lists, view your history, or update your profile and settings.

Read below to learn more about each menu, and all the great things you can do with the Foursquare app.

Foursquare Search

Tap Search at the bottom-left corner of any screen to search for great places around you, or to learn about a new city.

Tap in the search bar (it has a magnifying glass in it), and type a phrase related to what you are looking for. From the suggestions that appear, tap on any business to learn more about it.  If no place piques your interest right away, you can tap More Results For to see further suggestions.

Use the search bar to find fun things to do around you.

You can also get quick suggestions by tapping Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee & Tea, Nightlife, or Things to Do at the bottom of the screen. From there, scroll through your results, and tap on the name of a business, location, or activity to learn more about it.

Tap a quick search box to find something in that category near you now.

You can also tap Filter to add filters that make your search more specific. You can choose from filters such as price, relevance, rating, distance, hour of operation, features of the business, or what other users think it’s good for.

Use filters to make your searches more comprehensive.

Once you’ve found a place that you like and are viewing more details about it, you can save it to your lists by tapping Save, or save it to your history by tapping Been Here.

Save places you like to your lists.

You can rate a business or location by tapping Rate, and then tapping the heart (you love it), the neutral face (you think it was okay) or the broken heart (you didn’t like it).

Rate a business, city, or activity with a heart, neutral face, or broken heart depending on how much you enjoyed it.

You can also scroll down to read reviews and tips, or tap Leave a Tip to leave your own review. From there, tap in the text box that appears (it says "What's Good Here?" in our example), type your comment, and then tap Post.

Scroll through a page to learn more, review, save it, or leave a tip for other users.

Foursquare Lists

Foursquare lists let you access and review the locations you’ve saved to your account (see above for how to save a location). Tap Lists, and then tap on any of your created lists to view the places you've saved to that list (or tap My Saved Places to view your default Foursquare list of saved places). Tap on the name of any place saved in a list to view its details.

Create a Foursquare list to remember the places you've been, and sort them into categories.

If you need more information about how to create a list or add places to your list, visit our tutorial on how to use Foursquare.

Foursquare History

To view reviews, tips, and ratings of the places you have recently visited, tap History at the bottom of any screen. Foursquare may prompt you and ask you if you have visited a place when you first navigate to the History page. It uses your location (when enabled) to see where you’ve been, and then asks about places in the area you may have visited at that time. You can select Yes or No to indicate if you have or have not been there.

Save, rate, and add tips to places you've recently visited in Foursquare

From this screen, you can conveniently rate and add tips to the places you’ve been. Click the heart icon to choose a rating, and click the paper icon to add a tip. You can also tap on the name of a place to view it in more detail, or complete any of the functions explained above.

Rate the places you've been quickly.

Search your history

If you have a lot of recent or saved places, you may be looking for one specific thing. In that case, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner of the screen, and use your (virtual) keyboard to type in what you are looking for. From your search results, tap on the place you are looking for to view its details.

View your history, and the places you've recently visited.

Foursquare Me

Foursquare Me is where you will find all of your profile, settings, and notifications information. Tap the Me icon at the bottom-right corner of any screen to get started.

Add a picture to your Foursquare profile

To add or change a Foursquare profile picture, simply tap the profile picture icon and then select Use the Camera to take a picture now, or Pick from Gallery to choose an existing picture.

Add or change your profile picture.

Add tastes to Foursquare

Foursquare Tastes are Foursquare’s way of learning about what you like. By selecting key words and terms, you can help Foursquare better predict which places you might love based on your “tastes.”

To add tastes, simply tap the Tastes box, and then tap the "+" in the top-right corner.  You can scroll through the various keywords, or search for specific ones by tapping in the box labelled "Search for a Taste" and typing something in. Tap on any blue keyword to add that taste to your profile. You can also tap any pink keyword to remove a taste from your profile.

Add a taste so Foursquare can better predict the places you would like.

Check your Foursquare notifications

To access your notifications, tap the speech bubble icon in the top-right corner of the "Me" screen.

Acces your Foursquare notifications.

View your Foursquare ratings, tips, and followers

Foursquare will also show you how many tips you’ve posted, places you’ve rated, and how many followers you have. Tap on any one to view your tips, ratings, and followers in more detail.

View how much you've contributed to the Foursquare website.

Edit your Foursquare profile

To edit your profile, tap the menu button (three vertical dots) and then tap Edit Profile.

Tap menu and then Edit Profile to edit your Foursquare profile.

Tap in any of the boxes shown in the screenshot below and type in or select more information about yourself, such as your first or last name, phone number, email address, gender, or a short biography about yourself.  Filling out your profile can make you a more trustworthy contributor to Foursquare. When you’re finished, tap Save.

Tap in the boxes to add information and add a bio to your Foursquare account.

Change your Foursquare settings

To change your settings, tap the menu button (three vertical dots), and then tap Settings.

Tap the menu button, and then Settings to change your Foursquare settings.

From there, tap on any category to access settings related to that particular topic. Tap in any text box and type to add information. Tap on any check box to enable or disable a setting (a check mark means the setting is enabled and an empty box means the setting is disabled).

Tap on any category to access and update particular settings.


That’s how you download and use the Foursquare app!