How to Follow on Instagram

Like other social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram allows you to “follow” other people and brands (who have made their profiles public) and keep track of what they post.  Other people may do the same for you as well.

Note that this tutorial demonstrates how to follow Instagram users on an Android-powered smart phone, but the process is pretty much identical on other mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones.

How to follow someone on Instagram

Following someone on Instagram is easy!  Simply find a picture or video that they posted, and their user name should be above it.  Tap the Follow button beside the person’s name, and presto!  Instagram will track their activity for you!

People or brands that you’re currently following on Instagram will display a green Following button instead of the usual Follow one.

If you wish to stop following someone, tap the Following button.  Instagram will ask if you are sure that you want to stop following that person or brand.  Tap Unfollow if you’re sure.

Pictures and videos posted by people whom you follow will show up on your Home page, which is accessible by tapping the house icon () in the bottom-left corner.

You can also see if anyone whom you follow has posted any other activity, such as “likes” or comments, by tapping the Activity icon () along the bottom of the screen, and then tapping the Following menu.

Finally, you can see a list of all people whom you’re currently following by tapping the Profile icon () in the bottom-right corner, and then tapping Following.


Those are the basics of following people on Instagram!  Now, if you’re wondering who you might like to follow, have a look at our next tutorial, Who to Follow on Instagram!