How to Send iMessages on iPhone

Want to use iMessage to communicate with your friends and family, but not sure how to send one? In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you step-by-step how you can send text, picture, and video messages using iMessage.

To send an iMessage on your iOS device:

1. Tap the Messages icon.

To view and send messages, tap Messages.

Access Messages app

2. Tap the New Conversation icon in the top-right corner to send a new message.

This will open a new page where you can write and send a message to one of your contacts.

Compose a new message button

3. Type in the phone number, email address, or name of the person you want to message.

At the top of your screen, tap the text box and enter the contact information of the person you want to send a message to. If their contact information is saved in your device’s address book, you can simply type in their name, and then tap the result that matches the person you want to send a message to. Remember that the person has to have an Apple device with iMessage enabled in order for you to send a message to them.

Enter contact information of your recipient

4. Tap the text box that appears above your keyboard and type your message.

Type whatever you’d like your message to say in the text box.

Type your message

5. Tap the Blue Arrow to send.

Once you’re done typing in your message, tap the Blue Arrow button to the right of the text box to send it off.

Button to send your message

That’s all you need to do to send an iMessage. If you want to send a picture or video along with it, we’ll show you how to do that next.

To send a picture or video attachment through iMessage:

1. Open a new conversation with the person you want to send a message to.

Following the instructions above, open a new iMessage conversation to get started.

Start a new iMessage conversation

2. Tap the arrow button to reveal more options.

On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a grey arrow button. Tap the grey arrow to reveal options that will allow you to attach a photo or video to your message.

Options for additional attachments

3. Tap the camera button to take a new photo, or import a photo or video from your device’s camera roll.

When you tap the camera button, you’ll be given the option to take a new photo or video, or attach a photo or video stored in your device. Tap the photo or video you want to attach to select it.

Attach a photo or video to iMessage

4. Tap the blue arrow button to send your message.

Once you’ve attached the photo or video you want to send, tap the blue arrow to send it.

Send a photo or video in an iMessage


That’s it for this tutorial on how to send iMessages. Be sure to read through the rest of our iMessage course to learn more. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave us a comment  below.