How to Upload to

Uploading files to Dropbox means that you’re putting them on Dropbox for safe keeping.  You can get at them from the Dropbox website itself.  You can also share them with other people, and recover them if they get deleted or changed accidentally.

Many of these actions can also be done directly on your computer by installing a special Dropbox program.  It’s usually quicker and easier than doing them on the website, so see our How to Upload Files to Dropbox in Windows tutorial to find out how!

How to upload files through the Dropbox website

  1. Go to in your web browser.

  2. Click Sign In, click in the text boxes that appear and type in your email address and password, and then click the “Sign In” button.

  3. When you get to your main page on Dropbox, click the upload button (); it’s the first icon on the left beside the search bar.

  4. When the window below pops up, click Choose Files.

  5. This will open an explorer window, in order to let you select the files that you want to put on Dropbox.  Navigate through your files until you find the file that you want to put on Dropbox, click it to select it, and then click Open.

  6. You can click Add More Files and repeat step 5 for however many more files you want to upload for Dropbox.  Otherwise, once all of your files have finished loading, click Done.

  7. When you’re on your main screen in Dropbox, you can also upload files simply by finding one on your computer, clicking and holding the mouse button down on it, dragging it onto your main screen in Dropbox, and then releasing the mouse button.

That’s about all there is to uploading files to Dropbox through their website!

For more on how to upload files to Dropbox, as well as how to use the program in general, check out this handy guide put together by our brand ambassador, Abby Stokes.  (NOTE: You may need the Adobe Reader program in order to read it.)

Abby also has this instructional video on YouTube that you can watch, too!