How to Use

Now that you know a little bit about what is, and if is safe, you might be thinking about signing up for an account. In this article, we’ll explain how to get an account, and how to start using  This includes how to ask and answer questions, how to change or update your profile, how to find your friends, and how notifications work.

To sign up for

1. Open your web browser and enter in the navigation bar.

The first step to signing up is to go to in your web browser.

2. Locate the Sign Up button in the middle of the screen and click on it.

This is how you will access the sign up form to enter your information and create your account.

Sign up for

3. Provide your personal information, select a username and a password, and then click Sign Up.

You can also choose to sign up with your Facebook account, Twitter account, or VK account by clicking on any of the social media icons.

If you don't, instead click in the highlighted boxes, fill out your personal information. This includes your name, email address, birthdate, and language of choice. You will also need to choose a username and choose a password.

Enter your personal information and choose a username and password to sign up for

As you type in a username, the box will turn green if the username you selected is available.  Once you have filled all of the boxes in, click Sign Up.

4. Verify your email address to activate your account

After you have set up your account details, you will receive an email from [email protected], asking you to verify your email address. Click the blue hyperlink in the email to confirm you email address and verify your new account.

Click the link in the email sent from to verify your email address

Answering questions on is a social media website that centers around the asking and answering of questions. To get started adding questions to your profile, click the Questions tab in the top-right section of the main menu.

Click on the Questions tab to begin answering questions on will provide you with a few introductory questions to answer on your question page.  This includes their “Question of the Day” which you can see in this tab and answer each day. You can click the Get a Random Question button to be able to answer a question generated by at any time. To remove any question from your list, simply click on the "X" in the top-right corner of the question you want to remove.

Manage your questions, clicking the X to remove them. Or get random questions from

To answer any question, click the Answer button.

Click the Answer button to answer any question

Then, click in the highlighted box and use your keyboard to type your answer to the question that you've chosen.  Then click Answer.

Type your answers into the highlighted box and then click Answer to publish it on your profile

These questions and answers will now appear on your profile for all users to see. You can click on the heart icon to "like" a question on any profile, the share icon to share your answer on another social media profile, or the arrow icon to re-ask the question to any of your friends.

Clicking the heart icon likes a post, the share icon shares is on your social media profile, and the arrow icon allows you to re-ask the question to your friends

The best way to get views of your profile, or to get followers, is to answer questions. If you’re just getting started, consider sharing your profile on your Facebook, Twitter, or VK pages.  This lets your friends on those social networks find you on and become your friend.

Asking Questions on

If you want to ask someone a question on, the process could not be any easier. Simply visit another user’s profile, and locate the “Ask” question box on the right side of their profile. Click in it, and use your keyboard to type a question. Then click the Ask button to send the question to the user. All questions have a 300-character limit.

Type a question on someone else's profile and click the Ask button

If you want to ask these questions anonymously, you can do so by clicking the check box labelled “Ask Anonymously” beside the Ask button. If this box is checked (which it always is by default), the user you are asking will not know that you asked them the question.

Check the Ask anonymously box to hide your identity when asking a question

If you’re just getting started or want to share some information about yourself, you can also ask yourself questions at any time. Simply click on the Profile button on the main menu bar to view your profile.

Clcik the profile tab on the main menu to edit your profile

Locate the same box on the right side of your profile which says “Ask” beside your username. Simply click in this box, and use your keyboard to type your question. Then click Ask. Again, you can do this anonymously or not by clicking the “Ask Anonymously” check box to mark or unmark it. You can answer these questions the same way you answer questions that other users have asked you.

To change or update your profile:

Click the Gear icon at the top-right of the main menu, and then click Settings from the drop-down menu.

To access your settings, click the gear icon, and then the settings button from the drop-down menu

By default, this will take you to the page where you can edit your profile. Click on any highlighted box to add or update information about yourself, including your name, location, and personal biography. Click on any red text to change an aspect of the appearance of your profile, such as the background or your profile picture. Make sure to click Save when you have finished, and your profile will be updated.

Click on red text to change aspects of your profile's appearance, or click any options directly to change them. Click Save when you are finished.

You can also add what are called “hashtags” to your profile to help you connect with other users. Click in the box labelled “Add Hashtags” and begin typing a word that interests you; some examples may include “music,” “friends,” or the city you live in.

As you type, will suggest popular hashtags that are similar to what you are typing.  Beside each one is the number of other users that have used the same hashtag on their profile.  Click on a suggestion to add that hashtag to your profile.

Type things you are interested in into the box and click the suggestions that pop up to add hashtags to your account and connect with others

Finding your friends on

The first step to finding your friends is to click on the Friends tab at the top-right portion of the main menu.

Click the Friends tab on the main menu to find your friends on

From there, you will see any friends you already have. To look for your friends from other social media websites, click the Social tab at the top of the page. Then select either Facebook, Twitter, or VK.

Choose your exisitng social media profile from a website to find your friends from that website who are using

From there you will be taken to the social media website, and can follow the instructions to link your account there to your account. The website will ask you for permission to receive your profile and friends list, which you must agree to. From there, you will see any of your friends who have also linked their social media account to their account, and can choose who you would like to follow.

Notifications makes it easy to view your notifications from any page. Simply click on Notifications at the top-right portion of the main menu bar.

Click the Notifications tab from the main menu to access new activity on your account since your last log in.

From there, you can click through the tabs, choosing from All, Questions, Answers, and Likes, which will update you on any new activity in any of these areas on your account. You can also click on any notification to acknowledge it directly; for example, to answer a question immediately.

View your activity and requests, and click on any notification to directly address it and take possible action.

You can also update your notification preferences at any time by selecting Settings from the main menu, and then clicking the Notifications tab. Click on any check box to enable or disable a notification.


That’s the basic run-down of how to use To learn more about Followers, and how you can start following others, check out our next article.