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Last updated: May 1, 2016 - 12:41pm EDT

BuzzFeed is very easy to navigate, and it only takes a minute or two to get acquainted with the layout.  Click the yellow buttons () in the screenshot below to see some of the places you can go from Buzzfeed's home page.


Types of Content - LOL, Win, etc.

Click one of these to see results that got highest ratings in the category you choose. The red circle is for overall popular articles and videos.

The categories are:

LOL -- Stands for "laughing out loud".  Content in this category is usually funny.

WIN -- Content in this category usually has to do with someone succeeding at something unique, difficult, incredible, etc.

OMG -- Stands for "oh my gosh".  Content in this category is usually shocking or surprising.

FAIL -- Content in this category usually has to do with people embarrassing and/or hurting themselves accidentally or due to poor judgment.

WTF -- Stands for "what the [censored]".  Content in this category is usually weird, unbelievable, or otherwise difficult to describe.



Browse the website by category when you click one of these tabs. Choose from News, Buzz, Life, Entertainment, Quizzes, Videos, and More (Politics, Animals, Beauty, etc).



Click here to make a search bar appear, then click in that and type in something you're looking for on the website.  Then press the "Enter" key.


Main Featured Article

The largest (thumbnail) image shows a recent article that BuzzFeed wants to feature, with a smaller featured article next to it.  Click to view it.


More Featured Articles

Take a look at the featured article or posts from different categories around the website. Move your mouse cursor over each picture for the title of the post.  Click one to view it.


Recent Posts

This column is for the most recent posts. If you stay on this page long enough, you’ll see [X] New Posts at the top.  Click this to reload this column and see new posts without having to reload the entire page.


BuzzFeed News

Find what news websites would be talking about most by taking a look at the BuzzFeed News section.



What's being looked at the most? Find the top trending videos, articles, and quizzes. Move your mouse cursor over the picture of the post for the title.

BuzzFeed Tags

Another part of BuzzFeed is tags. Each post has tags attached to it from the original poster, so that BuzzFeed knows which categories to sort each post into. It works much like the search function. To search for a tag, type www.buzzfeed.com/tag/[whatever tag you're looking for].

You’ll be taken to the results site that will show you all the posts with the tag you’ve searched.

To learn how to use the regular search bar, take a look at our Search BuzzFeed tutorial


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