How to Use

We've given an introduction and review of, so it's time to start using it!  There are lots of things to see on the website, but it's relatively simple to use.  This lesson will go over basic functions such as selecting news editions and categories, selecting articles to read, and sharing or commenting on articles.

A tour of how to use

  1. To start using, open your web browser of choice and go to

  2. In the upper-left portion of the screen, you can click on one of the sections listed to see more stories specifically from those sections.  You can also click the CNN logo to go back to the website's home page at any time. news categories

  3. There are further options in the upper-right corner.

    Additional options

    Click Live TV to access CNN Go and watch video clips of CNN programs, or live CNN broadcasts.  See our CNN Go tutorial for more information.

    Click US Edition to switch between the American edition of the website and the international, Arabic, or Spanish version of the website.

    Click the magnifying glass icon to start a search of  See our How to Search tutorial for more information.

    Click Menu to access news sub-categories, edition settings, and links to CNN's social media pages.

  4. To read a news story, simply click on its title.

    Selecting a article to read

  5. Some news stories on have picture or video accompaniments.  For pictures, you can click on the arrows beside them (or the pictures themselves) to cycle through them; you may even get more to the story! 

    A video accompaniment to an article

    Videos can be controlled by using the video player interface (shown here) to (from left to right) skip to a certain point, pause or resume the video, adjust or mute the volume, enable or disable closed captions (if available), set closed captioning options, or enable or disable full screen mode.  If you scroll past the beginning of the article, the video will shrink to the upper-right corner and follow you as you scroll (as seen here).

  6. If you like this article, you can share it with your friends over various social tools. article sharing options

  7. Click one of these icons in the upper-right area of the article (they will appear on the left-hand side instead if you are scrolling through the article, like they are shown here) to log into your account for email, Facebook, or Twitter and share this article (with certain people) over that network.  Clicking the three dots icon gives you the option to log into more accounts (including Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or LinkedIn).

  8. At the bottom of certain articles, you will see the comments section. article commenting options

    At the top, you can sort comments by Newest, Oldest, or Hot Threads (i.e. conversations that have a lot of activity).  You can also click Sign In to log into your account in order to post or reply to comments.  (Information on accounts can be found here.)

    Also (though not shown here), you can click Flag and send a message to about why you feel the comment is trivial, offensive, or off-topic; click Share to share this comment over social networks (as described in the previous step); or click Like this comment to show appreciation for it (though you must be logged into your account, as described above, to do so).

That's it for our brief tour of!