How To Use Dropbox

So, you’re all signed up for Dropbox.  Great!  Now, you’re probably wondering, “what specifically can (or should) I do with Dropbox?”  We’re glad you asked, because Dropbox is a versatile little service.  Even at its most basic, there are four general things that you can do with Dropbox.  Our later tutorials will teach you how to do all of them!

Upload and download your computer files from almost anywhere

You can put computer files on Dropbox, and take them off Dropbox, pretty much anywhere that you can get on the Internet.

  • If you’re using your own computer, there’s a desktop program and a special Dropbox folder that will let you get at your files with ease.  That way, you can still change them and work on them as you need to, without worrying about something happening to them if your computer goes on the fritz.

  • If you’re using someone else’s computer, you can just go right to Dropbox’s website at, log in, and get at your files from there.  This is useful if you’re on vacation or a business trip, and have to use a public computer to work.  Or, if you’re at a friend or relative’s house, you can log into Dropbox on their computer and show them a cute picture or funny video that you’ve stored!

  • Dropbox even has a mobile application that allows you to access your files right on your tablet computer or smart phone!  Again, this is great if you need to work with your files when you’re on the go, or otherwise away from home.

Easily share your files with friends and family

If you’re tired of struggling with the “attachments” function found in many common email clients, then Dropbox is here to rescue you!  If a friend or family member is using Dropbox, too, you can share file folders within Dropbox with them.  Then, just drop a file in one of those folders, and it will show up in the same folder on their Dropbox account.  It’s that easy!

Even if your friends or family don’t have Dropbox, you can still use Dropbox to share files with them.  Dropbox allows you to create download links to your files and folders on Dropbox, which you can then just copy and paste into an email, or a post publisher on a social media website.  From there, your friends and family can click a link to a folder to see the contents of that folder, or click a link to a file to see a preview of that file, and even download a copy!  This is great for quickly sharing things like pictures of your pets or family members with several people at once, while letting them all have their own copy of the file!

In fact, why don’t you try it out for yourself?  Click the link below to see a copy of various TechBoomers logos on Dropbox, then click the ••• button in the bottom-left corner, and then click Download!

Download link:

Collaborate on projects with ease by letting multiple people access a file

Say you’re writing a collaborative story with some friends, or are putting together a business proposal or other document with a team of coworkers.  If you share a file through Dropbox, everyone you share it with can not only see it, but work on it, too.  This means that there’s no need to play email tag whenever you need editing or a revision! Just find the file on Dropbox, make your changes, and send a quick message to the next person that it’s their turn to work on it.  Or, since Dropbox keeps track of what files have recently been changed, the next person might know to start working right away!

Keep a backup of your files in case something goes wrong

It’s not something that you (like to) think about too often, but bad things happen occasionally.  Your computer gets infected with a virus, or otherwise damaged, for example.  Or maybe someone just accidentally deletes or saves over a file that you didn’t really want anyone playing around with. 

If you have copies of your files on Dropbox, you can get them back even if something happens to your computer.  Dropbox also keeps a record of recent versions of a file, so if it gets deleted or changed, you might still be able to recover it!

Well, that’s a quick primer on what you can do with Dropbox!