How to Use Evernote for iOS

In this article, we’ll explain each component of the iOS version of Evernote, and how to use it on your Apple device. You can check out our additional articles to learn how to use Evernote on the web, and how to use Evernote with an Android device.

If you’re ready to get started using your Apple device, check out each section below to learn about the specific components of iOS Evernote. Here at TechBoomers, we recommend you use the iOS version as a companion to the web version of Evernote rather than to stand alone, as the web version has increased functionality.

To download Evernote for iOS:

1. Using your Apple device, open the App Store.

To download Evernote, you can use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS version 8.1 or later.

Open the App Store

2. Tap in the search bar and type “Evernote” using your on-screen keyboard.

In the App store, search for Evernote, and tap the first suggestion that pops up.

Search for Evernote and tap the first box

3. Tap “Get.”

Tap this button to add Evernote to your installed applications.

Tap Get

4. Tap the “Install” button and wait for Evernote to download.

By installing Evernote, you will be able to access it from your home screen. After tapping “Install,” wait for the app to download.

Tap Install

5. Sign in with your Apple ID and tap “OK.”

To confirm your download by verifying your identity, sign in with your Apple ID.

Sign in with your Apple ID

6. Tap “Open” to launch the application, or find Evernote on your home screen.

Once the application has been installed, you can access Evernote by finding the green elephant logo on your home screen. You can also tap “Open” after the download to immediately launch Evernote.

Tap the elephant logo on your home screen to launch Evernote

To sign up for Evernote:

Open the Evernote application after downloading it, and tap “Create Account.” You then need to choose an email address you want associated with your Evernote account, and enter it in the first highlighted box. Choose a password, and enter it in the second highlighted box. Then tap the “Create account” button.

Create an Evernote account, and choose an email address and password for it

To sign in to Evernote:

Open the Evernote app on your Apple device home screen and tap Sign in. In the first highlighted box, type your Evernote email address. In the second highlighted box, enter your password. Then tap Sign in. Remember to sign out each time you are finished with Evernote, and sign back in each time to protect your privacy.

Enter your email address and password, and tap Sign in

The Apple-Evernote home screen

From the Evernote home screen on Apple devices, you can easily access many of the most useful functions of Evernote. To navigate back to this point, simply click the left-pointing arrow in the top left corner of each screen until you reach the home screen again.

Access most of the functions of the app through the Evernote home screen

To access your Evernote Notes:

To access your notes, you can click the green Notes button from the main page. Your recently updated notes will appear below that, so to access any one of them quickly, tap their name. If you click Notes, all of your notes will appear for you to choose from. Tap on any note to open it and begin editing.

Access your notes

Create and access your Notebooks

To access your notebooks, tap the green Notebooks button. On the next page choose any notebook you would like to access by tapping on its name. You can also click the + New Notebook icon at the top of the page to create a new notebook. Type its name and then tap Done.

Access your notebooks

The Work Chat

To start or continue a Work Chat with your Evernote collaborators, tap the green Work Chat button on the home screen. Tap on the name of any contact listed to continue your conversation, or type a name in the search bar by tapping on it and using your keyboard to type. Then tap Search on the keyboard.

Use the Work Chat to instant message with your Evernote contacts

Create notes with the “text” button

The paper icon labelled “text” will allow you to start a new text note. Tapping this icon is the easiest way to quickly record your thoughts with Evernote for iOS.

Use the paper icon to create a new text note

Once you create a new note, you can simply start typing. Tap the green notebook button to change the notebook this note will be filed in (as it will automatically file it in your default notebook). See below to learn about the editing toolbar to help make your note creation more advanced. When you’re finished, tap the green Save button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap the Save button to save your notes

Add photos to your notes

Tap the camera icon labelled “photos” to take photos and create a document of any series of photos you take. You can also set to automatic mode by clicking the mountain icon which automatically takes a photo of any document, white board, or business card you place in front of the camera. Tap to review any photo before saving, and swipe any photo up to delete it. When you’re finished, tap Save.

Tap the camera icon to add photos to your notes, or save pictures of documents

Set a Reminder for yourself

Tap the alarm clock icon labelled “reminder” to have Evernote notify you of something on a particular day and time you set. Tap in the box that says “Add a task” and write what you would like to be reminded of. Tap Notify me and scroll the calendar and clock to the exact time you would like to be reminded. When you are finished, tap Save to confirm your reminder.

Tap the alarm clock icon to add a reminder

Create a list

To create a checklist for yourself, tap the check box icon labelled “list.” Evernote will automatically create a note for you with checkboxes that will populate each time you tap the “return” key on your keyboard. Simply type tasks on each line and press “return” until finished. Then tap Save.

Tap the check box icon to add a checklist to your note

Create a note with added audio

Then final icon on the home screen is the microphone icon labelled “audio.” Tap this to begin recording audio to add to a note. The time will begin automatically, and you can type in the text box while recording using your on-screen keyboard. When you want the recording to end, tap Done. You may continue editing the note after the recording is complete. You can finish with the note by tapping Save.

Tap the microphone icon to add audio to a note

Editing your notes

Once you have opened a note you would like to edit, or have created a new one, you can edit aspects of the note to make your note more complex, or more suited to your needs. By default, the editing bar will show you the same icons available to you on the home screen, allowing you to add text, a photo, audio, files, or a reminder to your note. But you will also be presented with a few additional options. See our table below to learn what each icon will do for you:

Use the editing bar to add complexity to your notes

Make sure to tap Save when you are finished editing your note.

Sharing Evernote notes

To share a note, choose the Evernote note you would like to share by tapping on it from your Notes screen. Then at the top of the screen, tap the share icon, which looks like a monitor with an arrow pointing towards it.

Share your notes

You can then type the name of a contact you have already connected with on Evernote, or you can enter an email to send an invitation to a contact to accept your note. You can also tap the green text at the bottom that says “Take a look at this note” to alter the message that is sent with your request to share your note. Then press Send.

Press Send to send an invitation to your note

Once you have shared a note, you can begin to use Evernote’s instant message service, the Work Chat (see above).

To change your Evernote settings:

To change Evernote settings, tap the gear icon at the top-left of the home page. Tap on any of the boxes to be taken to another screen to alter any options in the category you have chosen. Tap My Account and then Profile to change your Evernote profile settings, or tap My Account and then Devices to change your device settings.

Change your settings

To synchronize your notes across all of your Evernote devices

Tap the sync icon at the top of the home screen, which looks like two arrows pointed at each other in a circle. This will ensure that any changes you have made to your Evernote account since you signed in to this device will be recorded on all your Evernote devices, and you can keep as up-to-date as possible.

To search for notes or notebooks:

You can access the Evernote search by tapping the magnifying glass icon on any page. The search will look specifically on the page you are on, or you can search through all of your content by tapping the magnifying glass icon on the home page. Type your keywords into the search bar that opens when you tap this icon, and then tap Search on the keyboard. If you are already in a note, Evernote will search within your note to find your keyword(s).

Search for your notes and notebooks

To sign out of Evernote:

To sign out of your Evernote account, access the home screen and tap the gear icon you use to change your settings. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap the green Sign out button to sign out of your Evernote account. Remember to do this each and every time you use Evernote to protect your privacy.

Sign out of your Evernote account


And that’s how you use Evernote for iOS Apple devices!