How to Use IMDb

IMDb is quite simple to use, and there are a few uses for it. You can use it to find new releases, trailers, show times, and a history of movies and TV series.

How to Search with IMDb

  1. You can use the search bar at the top to find films, actors, and even fictional characters. To search for something, click inside this bar and start typing in your keywords. You’ll notice a drop down menu that will try to guess what you’re looking for.If you find what you’re looking for in the drop down menu, click it. If not, finish typing and click the magnifying glass (or press “Enter” on your keyboard) to search all of IMDb.

  2. If you’d like to search different parts of IMDb, click the drop-down menu next to the search bar and choose between 11 options. For more information, check out our IMDb Advanced Search tutorial (here).
  3. If you’ve chosen to search by All (the default), then the results page will show you all the results – from titles to names to characters to keywords and more – and you can choose to jump to that section by clicking the link to it at the top.  Or, click a result to go to a page of information on that person, movie, show, etc.

How to Find Movie Showtimes Near You

This one is quick and easy! On the homepage, you’ll notice the Showtimes section on the right hand side. IMDb finds your approximate location and can suggest theaters near you. Click See All Showtimes to take a look.

From here you can search on different days, find different theaters, and search for different movies. Click Change beside your location to pick a different one, or click one of the date buttons below to look for showtimes on that date. Click the Movies tab to sort movies by alphabetical order, or click Theaters to sort movies by an alphabetical list of what theaters they’re playing in.

Celebrity News

IMDb is also a great source for entertainment news, and it’s not hard to find. The homepage has the latest movie and show trailers and celebrity interviews, but for more articles and videos, click the Celeb, Events & Photos drop down menu under the search bar and click Celebrity News.

You’ll be taken to a list of the most recent celebrity news, so all you’ll need to do is scroll and read what interests you!

And that’s a quick tour of IMDb and some of the things you can do on it!