How to Use LinkedIn

Now that you've created an account on LinkedIn, it's time to get down to business... no pun intended. 

Start by going to in your web browser.  Click in the box labelled "Email" and type in the email address that you used to sign up for your account.  Then click in the box labelled "Password" and type in the password that you used to secure your account.  Then click Sign In.

LinkedIn sign in boxes

Once you're logged in, how you use LinkedIn is up to you!  Here are some of the most popular things that people do on LinkedIn.

Ways to use LinkedIn

Flesh out your profile, including adding skills

This is one of the first things that you should do on LinkedIn.  The more complete your profile is, the better the sense that potential employers and business partners can get of who you are and what you're capable of.

Sample of editing LinkedIn profile

See our tutorials for How to Write a Profile on LinkedIn and Add a Photo and LinkedIn Skills and Endorsement for some tips on how to beef up your profile.

Connect with colleagues whom you know and trust

It's important to have a large professional network on LinkedIn, whether that includes teachers, mentors, bosses, employees, co-workers, classmates, or any combination of those.  Your "connections" can back up your credentials, share career advice, and perhaps point you towards a job that you might be interested in.  Of course, it would be nice if you returned the favour, too!

Notification of LinkedIn Connection

To learn more about "connections" on LinkedIn and how to get them, visit our LinkedIn Connections tutorial.

Look for your next job

If you're currently looking for work, you might be able to find it on LinkedIn.  Lots of companies post jobs on LinkedIn, and you can find them by location, company size, industry, and other criteria.  Then, submit your LinkedIn profile, contact information, and any other supporting documentation, and cross your fingers!

Finding a job on LinkedIn

Our How to Find a Job on LinkedIn tutorial has more specific instructions if you want to use LinkedIn for job-seeking.

Show off your company and look for new employees

If you have a company yourself, you can create a profile for it on LinkedIn.  This not only puts it in front of the eyes of potential employees and business partners, but it also lets your company engage with the LinkedIn community, which can get it even more attention!  You can also post jobs for your company on LinkedIn to potentially find the next key player in your business!

Sample of a LinkedIn company page

See our LinkedIn Company Pages and How to Post a Job on LinkedIn tutorials for instructions on company-related things that you can do on LinkedIn.

Join groups to discuss the business issues that matter to you

You can join "groups" on LinkedIn that are based around certain interests or business sectors.  You can share content from across LinkedIn, such as job advice, career opportunities, business questions and answers, professional contact information, and more.

Finding and joining a LinkedIn group

To learn how to join LinkedIn groups or create your own, visit our LinkedIn Groups tutorial.

Get updates, analysis, and insight on the business world

If you check out LinkedIn Pulse, you can read articles that provide news about what's happening in the business world, and examinations of trends in professional life.  If you have some wisdom that you'd like to share, you can also write and post your own article, too!

Sample of a LinkedIn Pulse article

For more details, head over to our LinkedIn Pulse tutorial.


Those are some ways that you can use LinkedIn!  How will you use it to enhance your professional life?


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