How to Use Spotify

Now that you have a Spotify account and have downloaded and installed the Spotify program, it’s time to get started using Spotify!  This tutorial will give you a quick tour of Spotify and some of its general functions.

Note that we’ll be using the Spotify program for desktop computers as a demonstration, but the mobile versions should be relatively similar.

Using Spotify

  1. Find the Spotify application on your device of choice and tap or double-click to open it.

  2. Click in the box labelled “Username” and type in the name that you picked to represent yourself with on Spotify.  Then click in the box labelled “Password” and type in the password that you picked to secure your Spotify account.  Finally, click Log In.

    If you signed up for Spotify using your Facebook account, you can click Log In With Facebook instead, and log in by using your Facebook account credentials.

  3. Below is the main screen of the Spotify program.

    The Browse feature is your general portal for finding new music on Spotify.  Its options include:

    Overview: for some of Spotify’s general recommendations.
    Charts: for songs that are popular or shared often in various countries, or around the world.
    Genres and Moods: for playlists of songs from a particular genre, or for certain activities.
    New Releases: for songs that have recently been added to Spotify.
    Discover: for albums by artists that are similar to those that you’ve listened to previously.

  4. The Activity feature shows you what people whom you’re following on Spotify have been listening to.  Click Follow beside someone’s name to follow their activity on Spotify.

  5. The Radio feature lets you pick a song, artist, playlist, or album and have Spotify play a random mix of music that is similar to what you chose.  You can also like or dislike songs to give Spotify a better idea of what it should play for you.

    Our Spotify Radio tutorial will show you how to use this feature in detail.

  6. The menus in the “Your Music” section show you songs, artists, and albums that you’ve saved to your collection.  To save a song or album to your collection, click the “+” icon beside it.

    Songs or albums that are part of your collection will have a checkmark beside them.  To remove a song or album, move your mouse over the checkmark until it becomes an “X”, and then click it.

    One last note: the Local Files menu will show you music files on your local device, if Spotify is allowed to access them.  Therefore, you can use Spotify just like a regular music player for music that you already own!

  7. The “Playlists” menu shows you custom groups of songs that you’ve put together.  Click New Playlist to start a new one, and then give it a name.  From there, just drag and drop songs wherever you find them into the playlist to build it up!

    If you need help using this feature, head over to our Spotify Playlists tutorial.

  8. If you want to look for something specific on Spotify, click in the “Search” box in the top-left corner and start typing in your search terms.  Spotify will make some suggestions; you can click one to take it, or click Show All Results to see results grouped by category.

  9. The bottom-left corner shows you the song that’s currently playing.  You can click the song or artist name for more information, or click the “+” icon to add the song to your collection.

    Below that, you can click the Play/Pause button in the middle to start or stop the song.  You can also click the Next button on the right to skip the song (note that if you only have a free account, you may be limited in how many times you can do this over a certain period of time).  If you’re listening to a playlist, you can also click the Previous button on the left to skip back to the last song.

  10. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll also have some additional options.  Note that some may be unavailable unless you’re listening to a playlist.

    Click Lyrics to show or hide lyrics for the current song.  The button next to that is the Queue button; you can click it to show or hide what song is currently playing, and what songs Spotify will be playing for you next.

    Next to that is the Shuffle button.  If you’re listening to a playlist, you can click this to randomize the order in which the songs play.  Click it again to turn it off and play songs in their regular order.

    Next up is the Repeat button.  If you’re listening to a playlist, you can click it once to have the entire playlist start again when it finishes playing.  Click it again to have the current song start again when it finishes playing.  Click it one more time to turn it off.

    Finally, you can click the volume slider to adjust the volume at which Spotify will play songs.

  11. The top-right corner has some administrative options.

  12. Click the Notifications icon to see notifications that you have received (such as if someone has shared a song with you), or click the Messages icon to see if anyone on Spotify has sent you a private message.  Click your user name to go to your Spotify profile, or click the arrow next to your user name for additional options, such as managing your Spotify account or logging out of the Spotify program.

If you need further help using Spotify, check out some of the other tutorials we mentioned in this article, or drop us a line in the comments below.  Have fun using Spotify!