How To Use StumbleUpon

Once you're signed up for StumbleUpon and have let it know some of the things that you're interested in seeing, it's time to put it to work for you.  This tutorial will show you how to log into StumbleUpon, as well as how to use some of the website's primary features.

How to log into StumbleUpon

Go to in your web browser, and click Log In in the top-right corner.

This will take you to StumbleUpon's login screen.  Click in the text boxes highlighted here and type in your email address OR username and your password, and then click Sign In.

NOTE: If StumbleUpon remembers you (based on your web browsing history), it will automatically have your username queued up, and you'll only have to enter your password.

How to find new content on StumbleUpon

After you log in, StumbleUpon will display a random video, picture, or web page based on what you told it your interests were.  The page will be below a toolbar at the top, which is your primary avenue for how you to use StumbleUpon.

If you want to see a new piece of content, just click the Stumble button.   It's as easy as that!

How to rate content on StumbleUpon

You can also rate content that you find on StumbleUpon, so StumbleUpon will know what to show you more of, and what to steer you away from.  When you're viewing a web page, video, or image that StumbleUpon shows you, you can click the thumbs up button () to say that you like it and want to see more content like it, or click the thumbs down button () to say that you dislike it and want to see less content like it.  You can change your mind as many times as you like.

You can also click the small arrow beside the thumbs down button to tell StumbleUpon why you dislike the content you're seeing; just click an option to select it.  You can use this to report a website to StumbleUpon if you think it's unsafe or just isn't interesting to anyone.

How to add StumbleUpon content to lists

If you like a certain piece of content and want to save it for later, click the plus button () to open a menu where you can save the page you're on to a "list".

Click on the name of a list to save the page in that list (you have one default list that you can save web pages to, Save for Later).  You can also click in the box labelled "Search or Create a New List" and type in the name of a list to search for it, or click Create New List to create a list with that name (if it doesn't already exist) and add this web page to it.  You can also give the list a description, and decide if you want anyone else to see it or not.

How to comment on a web page with StumbleUpon

Let people know what you think about a webpage that you find with StumbleUpon by clicking the speech balloon button ().

From here, you can click in the box labelled "My Comment" and type in what you have to say.  You can even click the social media icons in the bottom-left corner to instantly share your comment on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn accounts!  (You may be prompted to log into these websites and allow StumbleUpon to post on your behalf.)  Then click Comment.  You can also see comments other people have made about this website on the right-hand side.

How to share a web page with StumbleUpon

Do you know somebody who would be interested in something that you happened to find on StumbleUpon?  You can share it with them right from StumbleUpon by clicking the share button ().

In the menu on the left, you can choose to share the web page with people via their email addresses, or you can share it directly with people you know or have recently interacted with on StumbleUpon.

On the right, click in the box labelled "Your Message" and type in a bit of an extra (or personal) description of what you're sharing.  As with comments on StumbleUpon, you can also click the social media icons at the bottom to share this web page as a status update on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn (again, you may be asked to log into these websites and allow StumbleUpon to make posts for you).  When you're done, click Send.

How to filter what content you see on StumbleUpon

If you only want to see certain things when you hit Stumble, then click All Interests (note: the name of this tab will change as you select different interests).

On the left-hand side, you can select to see new content across all of your interests, content that other users of StumbleUpon are commenting on, sharing, or "liking", or only photos or videos.  On the right-hand side, you can choose to find content that matches only one of your interests at a time.

Other StumbleUpon functions

In the top-right corner, if you click the number, it will show you any unread notifications that you have received on StumbleUpon.  This includes how many private messages have been sent to you, how many web pages have been shared with you, and who has recently done these things to you.

Click on a user's name to send them a message, or click Messages or Shares to go to a list of all messages that you have sent or received, or web pages that you have shared or have been shared with you (respectively).

You can also click your profile picture (it will be blank if you haven't submitted one) to open a list of other options.

From here, you can:

  • Get further help with using StumbleUpon

  • Tweak your StumbleUpon settings

  • Log out of StumbleUpon

  • Suggest a web page to add to StumbleUpon (see our How to Submit a Website to StumbleUpon tutorial for specific instructions)

  • Add or remove your interests on StumbleUpon

  • See whom you've connected with on StumbleUpon

  • See lists of web pages that you've saved and categorized into lists on StumbleUpon

  • See lists of web pages that you've "liked" on StumbleUpon


That's a quick tour of how to use StumbleUpon!