How to Use The Onion

Now that we've told you what The Onion is and given you a review of, we'll show you how to get around the website.  The Onion is fairly easy to navigate, as it's designed like various other news websites (which is part of its brand of parody humour).  This lesson will show you the basics of navigation The Onion's website, including browsing and interacting with articles and videos, as well as searching for specific content.

A guided tour of The Onion

  1. To get started on The Onion, head to in your web browser.  From there, the easiest way to get around The Onion is to click Menu in the top-left corner for quick access to places that you can go on The Onion (but feel free to click the categories shown here to browse, too).

    Front page of The Onion

  2. The Menu sidebar appears on pretty much every page on The Onion, and offers various ways to get where you want to go on the website.  Simply click one of the sections on the sidebar to visit it.  For some of the super-categories, you can click the "+" and "" buttons beside them to show or hide their sub-categories. 

    Menu options for The Onion

    At the bottom (though not shown here) are various buttons that you can click to visit The Onion on social media platforms.  Or, if you want to search for something specific on the website, click in the box labelled "Search" and type in your search terms.  Then click the magnifying glass icon.

  3. After entering a search query (in this case, "Obama"), your search results will appear on the right side of the screen, with filtering options on the left.  The filtering options (if you click on them) will allow you to narrow down articles by publication date or section; you can click the "+" or "" buttons beside each filter category to expand or collapse it.

    Search tools for The Onion

    When using the "Specific Dates" filter, click in each of the boxes below "From" and/or "To" and type in the month, date, and/or year range that you wish to search for articles within.  Then click Refine Search.

    You can click Previous or Next at the bottom of the page to scroll through more results, or click on an article's thumbnail image or title to view it.

  4. When browsing a section of The Onion (or just its front page), simply click a story's thumbnail picture or title to view it.

    How to view an article on The Onion

  5. While viewing a normal article on The Onion, you can click its category or sub-categories in the top-left area of the article to see more articles that are classified under these categories.  You can also click the icons below this information to share this article over Facebook, Twitter, or email.  You may want to make sure that your recipient knows what The Onion is, or at least explain to them that the article is meant to be a joke!

    How you can interact with an article on The Onion

  6. When watching a video on The Onion, click the video to start playing it.  You can start or stop the video by clicking the Play/Pause button in the lower-left corner of the player, or skip to a particular part of the video by clicking on a point in the video's progress bar.  You can also click On or Off below the "Autoplay" section to allow or disallow The Onion playing another video once the current one ends.  You can also click the volume slider on the far right to adjust the volume of the clip.

    How to control a video that you watch on The Onion

  7. Finally, if you want to get updates on new and popular articles from The Onion sure to leave you in stitches, scroll to the bottom of the screen.  There, you can click the check boxes beside "Daily Headlines" and/or "Weekly Updates" to decide when you want to receive email newsletters from The Onion.  Then, just click in the box labelled "Email Address" and type in your email address, and then click the right arrow icon.  Presto!  You're registered for The Onion's email newsletter.

    How to sign up for The Onion newsletter


That's about all there is to finding your way around the absurd news world at!