How to Use

So, we’ve told you about what the Wall Street Journal Online costs to use.  So, want to get a taste of what awaits you inside  The following is a brief overview of some of the core functions of the website companion to America’s most popular newspaper. Just follow these steps, and it won’t be long before you can navigate the site with ease!

  1. Go to in your web browser.  If you don’t find anything that you want to (or can) read on the front page, you can click one of the category headings to see more stories from that section, or move your mouse cursor over one and click a sub-section to perform even more specific browsing.

    You can also click the Edition drop-down menu under the masthead to switch between versions of the Wall Street Journal for the U.S., Europe, Asia, India, Latin America, Brazil, China, or Japan.  And, of course, you can also click Search to find a story by keywords.

  2. If you click Search, a box will overlay your screen.  Simply type in keywords and will show you company stock quotes, companies, people, or recent searches.  Click on one of these to narrow or specify your search, or click View All Results to search for exactly the terms that you typed in.

  3. Click on a story’s title to view it.  Stories with a key icon beside them will only show you initial snippets, unless you are logged into a subscriber’s account on  See our Pricing article for more information.

  4. While you’re reading an article, you can also click one of the buttons on the left side of the screen to:

    – share this article on your Facebook account
    – share this article on your Twitter account
    – share this article over email
    – change the size of the article’s text
    – view more options (share over Google Plus, or print the article)

    (NOTE: Sharing this article over social media requires you to log into your account for that network.  Also remember that other people who access the article may not be able to read it in full if they do not have an account on

    You can also click Comments to view what other people have said about this story.  If you wish to leave your own comments (or reply to other comments), you must log into your account.

  5. Some articles will be original video clips from the Wall Street Journal, and most of these don’t require an account to view.

    When you move your mouse cursor over the video player, options will appear that you can click on to:

    – pause or resume the video
    – skip to a particular point in the video
    – adjust or mute/unmute the volume
    – enable or disable closed captioning (and select the language of subtitles)
    – enable or disable full screen mode

    You can also use the buttons to the bottom-right of the video to share the video over Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, your own website (by embedding the video), or email.


Those are some of the major functions of!  We hope you enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal Online.  If you don’t, we can show you how to cancel your subscription in the final tutorial of this course.