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Last updated: November 15, 2016 - 1:03pm EST

Now that you know a bit about what Yik Yak is, and have downloaded and signed up for Yik Yak, you’re probably ready to start learning about what you can do with it! In this article, we’ll outline all of the amazing things you can do with Yik Yak, and explain step-by-step exactly how to do them. At the end of the article, we’ll also offer some suggestions of useful ways to utilize Yik Yak!

To use Yik Yak:

With Yik Yak, you can post a topic (“yak”) and have others view it, reply to it, and up-vote or down-vote it depending on if they like it or not. With short posts under 200 characters and the ability to add images, you can always know what’s going on in your area, and find the best local hotspots on any given day!

Here is our step-by-step breakdown of all of the elements of Yik Yak, so you can become an instant pro!

Post a "yak"

To post a "yak", tap the box labelled “What’s On Your Mind?” Your on-screen keyboard will pop up; type in up to 200 characters' worth of thoughts. If you want to add an image to your Yak, tap the camera icon in the bottom-left corner. Then choose Take A Picture, or Choose From Gallery to select your image, and then follow your device’s instructions for selecting a picture for your yak.

You can then tap Send in the top-right corner to post the Yak.

Tap Send to post a yak

The Yik Yak newsfeed

To see where your yaks appear, or the yaks that have been posted by other users, tap the map pin icon to be taken to the Yik Yak newsfeed. From here, you can scroll down and see posts in your area, beginning with the most recent. You can also see a list of local "Yakkers" (i.e. other Yik Yak users) you may want to connect with. Tap on any user’s profile picture to view their profile.

Scroll to view recent local yaks

Reply to a post

To reply to another user’s post, simply tap Reply underneath their yak. Then use your on-screen keyboard to type a message, and tap Send. You can even reply to your own posts!

Tap Reply to reply to another users post or comments

View your Yaks and replies

To find your previous yaks, or the replies you’ve made to other user’s yaks, tap the profile icon in the top-right of any screen. Then, tap My Yaks to see your old posts, or tap My Replies to see what you’ve said to others. This way, you can always keep track of updates to your posts.

Tap the profile icon, and then My Yaks to see yoru old posts and replies.


"#now" allow you to let other Yakkers know exactly what you’re up to at this very moment. In 18 characters or less (and with no spaces), type what you’re doing or where you’re going. Tap the profile icon and scroll down to the box labelled “#What’sHappening?”  Tap the box, type in your message, and then tap Update.

Tap your profile icon, Whats Happening, and then Update to update your #now status

Your “herds”

When you turn on the Yik Yak app, you are immediately connected with those in your area. But what if you want to see what’s going on at home while you’re away? With your “herd,” you can keep up to date on what’s going on in your hometown, places you regularly visit, or somewhere you’ve been that you want to check in with again.

To access your herds, tap the magnifying glass icon, and then tap the box labelled “Click Here to Discover New Places.” Move the map pin, or type the name of a city you want to look at into the search box at the top of the map. Tap Save to keep track of the current location for easier access in the future. There are also national and global herds you can access to see posts related to a common topic.

View your herds, even when you are away from home.


To view your Yik Yak notifications, tap the bell icon. Here, you can see when someone replies to your yaks or wants to message you.  You can also get daily updates and tips from Yik Yak.

Tap the bell icon to view notifications

Up-votes and down-votes

On Yik Yak, users up-vote or down-vote the posts they see on their newsfeed. This score appears to the right of a post, where everyone can see its current rating. To do this to another user’s post, tap the up arrow to vote up, and the down arrow to vote down.

Tap the up arrow to up-vote a post, and the down arrow to down-vote a post.

Down-voting is a good way to identify posts that aren’t positive or are offensive in any way.  If a post receives an overall rating of -5, it will automatically be removed from Yik Yak. By contrast, having a post or reply up-voted many times increases your “Yakarma”, a measure of how well other users respond to your posts on Yik Yak.

The Yik Yak chat

Yik Yak allows you to chat with other users you find in your area.  This can help you make connections with users you find entertaining or just want to learn more about. To initiate a chat with a user, tap the Chat button underneath one of their posts that appears on your newsfeed.

Tap the chat button underneath a users post to instant message them

To access your messages or see message requests, tap the paper airplane icon at the top of your screen. From there you can see invitations, or continue conversations. Tap Accept to accept a new chat invitation, and tap Send to send any message you type to another user.

Editing your Yik Yak profile

To edit your Yik Yak profile, tap the profile icon at the top of the screen, and then tap the pencil icon.

Tap the profile icon, followed by the pencil icon to edit your profile.

From here, you can change your profile picture by tapping Change. You can also tap the pencil icons highlighted in the screenshot below to add a biography to your profile, or to add links to your other social media profiles (respectively). After you edit your profile, tap Save.

Tap Save when you are finished to save any changes to your profile

Changing your Yik Yak settings

To change your Yik Yak settings, tap the profile icon at the top of the screen, and then the gear icon.

Tap your profile icon, followed by the gear icon to change your account settings.

Tap on any toggle button beside a setting to enable or disable it. If the toggle is coloured, the feature is enabled; if the toggle is grey, the feature is disabled. You can also tap on any menu item that doesn't have a toggle to learn more about Yik Yak or their policies.

Click check boxes to enable/disable settings

Deleting a "yak"

To delete on of your own posts, start by tapping the profile icon, and then tapping My Yaks.

To access your posts to delete one, tap the profile icon followed by My Yaks

Next, tap on the yak you want to erase, and tap the trash can icon that appears at the top. Yik Yak will prompt you to confirm you want to delete the yak; tap Yes to do this. The yak will no longer appear on the newsfeed in your area.

Click the trash can, and then click Yes to delete a yak

If you ever decide to delete your Yik Yak account, your posts will remain up on the Yik Yak newsfeed. If you delete your account, be sure to manually remove any posts you do not want to remain on Yik Yak.

10 useful ways to use Yik Yak:

  1. Just moved to a new city? Who knows the city better than people who already live there? Ask Yakkers where you can find essential services, like a grocery store or the post office.

  2. Are you out on the go and suddenly need to know where something is? Ask someone on Yik Yak. Chances are good that someone will know and be able to answer quickly in an emergency, like if you didn’t know where the closest hospital is in your city.

  3. Use Yik Yak to advertise and promote your event! Let others in the area know what you’re planning, as well as when and where it’s happening! Yik Yak could be a great way to get the word out and get people interested in your event.

  4. When friends come visit you from out of town, ask other Yakkers where to take them.  Whether you need to find out where the best sushi place is, or where you can find a nightclub with live music, other Yakkers can help keep you at the top of your hosting game.

  5. If you’re a student, ask about features on campus! Ask where to find the library, or why the internet isn’t working! Other people may have information to share with you!

  6. If you become aware of a dangerous situation, such as a car accident, post it on Yik Yak to help others steer clear of it.

  7. Start an interesting conversation. Do you want to know people’s opinions on a piece of local news, or start an online debate over which coffee place is the best? Ask Yakkers and let the conversation begin!

  8. If you’re looking to move to another area of town, talk to Yakkers about good websites or resources for finding listings.  You can also ask them about the area you’re moving into before going there.

  9. Organize a carpool with others in your area! Post about where you travel regularly, or a trip you’ll soon be taking, and save yourself some gas money.

  10. Organize a club or sports league with interested people who live near you. Find others who want to start a bowling league, a hiking club, or a baseball team!


And that’s how you use Yik Yak! There are many ways you can use Yik Yak, so start using it today in whatever ways you can think of to make life better (or at least more interesting). If you haven’t already downloaded Yik Yak and want to know how, check out our tutorial on how to download and sign up for Yik Yak. If you’re interested in social media apps that may be similar to Yik Yak, give our best Yik Yak alternatives article a read.


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