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Last updated: November 16, 2015 - 11:58am EST

What is "HuffPost 50"?

"HuffPost 50" is a section of the Huffington Post dedicated to issues that matter to people 50 and over.  It contains stories and commentary on topics such as raising (grand)children, healthy living, family relations, leisure, financial matters, and even a bit of cute pet stuff thrown in.  Among other things, it also contains a section where Huffington Post readers over 50 can submit their original short stories, known as "Featured Fifty Fiction".

How do I access HuffPost 50?

First, you have to go to in your web browser.  Then, move your mouse cursor over All Sections in the menu across the top, and then under the "Life and Style" category, click HuffPost 50.

For the most part, navigating the section is the same as it is for the majority of the rest of the website (as we outlined in our How to Use the Huffington Post tutorial).  One unique part of this section (as we noted above) is the "Fifty Fiction" section.  Click on one of the story names to read that story.

If you'd like to read more short stories submitted by people over 50, click Featured Fiction in the sub-menu across the top of the page.


That's a little bit about the "HuffPost 50" section of the Huffington Post!

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