Hulu Account Settings


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To adjust your Hulu account settings, go to in your web browser and log in. Then, move the mouse cursor over your name in the top-right corner, and a drop-down menu will appear. From there, click Account.

Hulu account settings access button

General Hulu account settings

Personal Information settings

Click Update Personal Info to change personal information about yourself on your Hulu account, such as your name, birth date, or gender. This is also where you’ll go to delete your account (see our How to Cancel Your Hulu Account tutorial).

Hulu personal information account settings

You can also click Change Email to change the email address associated with your account, or click Change Password to rewrite the passphrase protecting your account.

You can also click Connect with Facebook to connect your Facebook account with your Hulu account. This can allow you to share your Hulu activity on your Facebook page, and allow you to leave comments on Hulu movies and shows. 

Subscription settings

Here’s where you can manage your subscription to Hulu Plus. Click Put Subscription on Hold to temporarily revert your Hulu account to a free account (for up to 12 weeks), or click Cancel Subscription to erase your current subscription and revert to a free Hulu account until you sign up for another Hulu Plus subscription (see our How to Cancel Your Hulu Account tutorial).

Hulu subscription account settings

Also, under “Gift Subscription Redemption”, you can click in the box labelled “Enter Gift Subscription Code” and type in the coupon code that you either received from a friend or found on your Hulu gift card. Then click Redeem. You can also click Buy Someone a Hulu Gift Subscription to send a gift subscription to Hulu Plus to someone else. More information about how to get Hulu gift subscriptions can be found here.

Hulu gift subscription account settings

Cable or satellite TV connection settings

Click Connect with Your Cable or Satellite Account to link your Hulu account with your account for your cable or satellite television provider. Doing so may allow you to watch episodes of certain shows the day after they air on regular television. You can read more information about this feature here.

Connect Hulu account to TV account settings

Privacy and other settings

Hulu privacy settings

  • Click Terms of Use to read the rules for how you can — and can’t — use Hulu.

  • Click Manage Email Notifications to decide what kinds of emails you want to receive from Hulu. Click the check boxes beside each type of email that you want to receive in order to mark them (or click them if they’re marked to unmark them). Then click Save Changes.

    Hulu email notification account settings

  • Click Protect Your Account, and then click Log Me Out of Other Devices to end all other sessions of Hulu on the current account (besides the one on the device that you’re currently using). This is a security feature you can use if you think someone is using your account without your permission.

  • Click Manage Off-Hulu Cookies, and then click the Opt Out button to prevent Hulu from using information from other websites that you visit to personalize the advertisements and recommendations that you see. Click Opt In to turn this feature back on.

  • Click Personalize Advertising Experience to take a short survey on the kinds of advertisements that you want to see on Hulu. Simply click the button beside a response to each question to lock it in, or click Clear Answer to change your answer. Across the top, you can click each of the headers to see questions that you’ve left Unanswered, questions that you’ve already Answered, or All questions.

    Hulu advertisement account settings

Queue and History settings

At the top of your account page, you will notice two more tabs besides Account Settings: Queue and History.

Hulue queue and history account settings buttons

These correspond to menus where you can save videos to watch later, or remember what you watched last.


That’s our primer on Hulu account settings and how to adjust them!