IMDb Message Boards

IMDb Message Boards are a good way to connect with the rest of the IMDb community. To look at what others have to say on the boards, you don’t need an account, but if you want to contribute, you’ll need to be registered and logged in to your account.

How to Use IMDb Message Boards

To access the message boards, select the News & Community drop down menu from underneath the search bar, and select Message Boards.

You will now see the message board homepage, which looks like the screenshot below, except we’ve highlighted a few areas of interest. Clicking one of the links beside “Jump” will take you to that general category of message boards. Below the general category, you can click a subtopic to view message threads within that topic.

In the top-right corner, you can also see your profile information and options, including how many new messages have been posted in message threads that you have contributed to. Below that, you can access IMDb-sponsored user polls.

Once you find a topic you’d like to read about or contribute to, click one of the subtopics. In this example, we’ve jumped to Film Talk and selected the Film General subtopic.

Here are a bunch of threads (conversations) that you can scroll through and contribute to. To add your own thread, select Start New Topic at the top.

Simply enter the subject you’re topic is about, and then write a message. When you’re done, click Preview to see how your post will look, and when you’re fully satisfied, click Post. Then just sit back and wait for the discussion to begin!

To reply to a post, click the title of the post and select Reply in the top right corner of the post. To see previous replies to a post, click on the reply you’d like to see, such as the one at the bottom of the example screenshot below – they will be minimized otherwise.

And that’s a quick tour of how to navigate and use IMDb’s message boards!