IMDb Review

IMDb is a great resource for finding a movie, or a song on a soundtrack. It can be used to find many different things relating to movies, shows and video games. Take a look at our review of IMDb to see if this database is right for you. 


  • You don’t need an account – Unlike most websites, IMDb doesn’t force you to make an account to access its content. That makes it faster to search from anywhere.

  • Read up on movies and shows before watching – A trailer on the TV doesn’t always give you the full story. IMDb gives you the full plotline (without spoilers) and allows you to quickly see the rating – or if you have a little more time, read critic and consumer reviews.

  • Largest database of movies and shows – With nearly 3 million titles, IMDb is the largest and most popular database of movies and shows. Whether the show only ran for a handful of episodes or the movie had a $5,000 budget, IMDb has it all.

  • Find movie times – Now IMDb goes even further! Find a theatre near you and look up movie times. Now it really all is in one place: movie trailers, plot info, reviews and movie times!


  • Sometimes lacking info – IMDb can’t possibly keep up with it all. Sometimes, a little known actor and actress may have nothing more than their filmography. They may be missing a picture or a bio – but it’s hard to get information when none is available online.

  • Hard to navigate the forums for pleasant conversation – IMDb has forums where you can speak on a specific topic, but sometimes there are cyber-bullies spammers trying to redirect traffic to their websites (since IMDb can be anonymous). It’s best to take the forums with a grain of salt, as they are not the main part of IMDb. 

The Bottom Line: 9.5 out of 10

There are few cons to using IMDb. You don’t need an account (unless you want to make a review), it's easy to navigate, and it’s completely free to use. The cons are only cons if you happen to be looking for lesser known actors/actresses or movies/shows and if you regularly use their forums. IMDb is a great resource for any moviegoer.