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Last updated: November 14, 2016 - 12:12pm EST

It's somewhat tricky to find websites that are exactly like Instagram, since it's partially a photo-editing and video-editing service, and partially a social network.  We've tried to split the difference here by showing you a mix of different popular sites that people have compared Instagram to.

Top 5 websites like Instagram



Vine is a service that is seen as Twitter's alternative to Instagram, which is owned by rival social network Facebook.  Whereas Instagram focuses on pictures, though, Vine is video-based.  Each submission to Vine is a 6-second-long repeatable video that can be recorded by using the Vine mobile application.  Similar to Instagram, Vine allows users to share videos with the Vine community, re-share videos from other people on one's own profile, categorize videos into different playlists, and share videos on other social media websites (including Facebook and, of course, Twitter).



Flickr, now owned by Internet giant Yahoo, was one of the first popular photo-sharing websites on the Internet.  It allows people to post, organize, and edit photographs and videos, much like Instagram does.  Doing so requires an account on Flickr, but merely accessing photos and videos on Flickr does not.  In addition, many photographs on Flickr have a "Creative Commons" license, so as long as you give the original author credit for the photograph and follow a few other rules (such as not using the photo in an activity intended to make money), you can use photos on Flickr for your own purposes.



Pixlr-o-matic is an on-the-go version of photo-editing service Pixlr.  It doesn't have the social media features that Instagram does, but its photo-altering capabilities are much more numerous and powerful.  And, if you like surprises, you can even select a random set of effects for your photo!  When you're done making changes, you can easily share your photo on social networks, or save it and use it for something else.



Pheed is a relatively new mobile-based social network, but it's being billed as a legitimate competitor to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all manner of social media giants.  Pheed allows users to record and share photos, videos, audio notes, music, and text messages; some elements can even be broadcasted live!  Users can share their "pheeds" on other social networks, or keep them on their profile and not let anyone else see them.  Pheed is aimed at younger users, but you might still like it.



Path is a somewhat unique social network.  Like Instagram, it allows users to share photos and videos, as well as use "tags" to organize them.  What makes Path different is that it only allows users to have a maximum of 150 contacts.  This feature is based on psychological findings that people can only have quality social interactions with a limited number of people at a time.  Path is primarily popular in Indonesia, though it has attracted attention from American celebrities, such as actor Ashton Kutcher.


Have you used any of these sites like Instagram?  How were they similar or different?  Did you feel that they were things that our users might like to try, or otherwise ones that our users should stay away from?  Do you know of any other Instagram competitors that you feel our users should know about?  Let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you try one of these alternatives to Instagram and want to use it exclusively, our next tutorial will show you how to delete your Instagram account.

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