Is Flickr Free?

Last updated: October 6, 2015 - 4:03pm EDT

Is Flickr free?

Like many popular websites and Internet services, Flickr is a "freemium" service.  This means that it can be used for free, but doing so comes with certain limitations.  Thus, Flickr also offers a paid subscription option that removes some of these limitations and gives some other benefits.

Flickr pricing

Flickr has two types of accounts: Flickr Free and Flickr Pro.

Flickr Free

COST: Free.


  • 1 terabyte (that's 1000 gigabytes or 1,000,000 megabytes!) of memory storage space

  • Upload photos of up to 200 megabytes in memory storage size

  • Upload videos of up to 1 gigabyte in memory storage size and up to 3 minutes in length

  • Download your original photos as many times as you like

  • Advertisements will appear when you browse or share photos

Flickr Pro

COST: $6 monthly or $50 annually.


  • Advanced photo stats that show how often they're viewed and how people find them

  • Removal of advertisements when you browse or share photos

If you subscribe to the annual Flickr Pro plan, you get two bonus features:

  • 20% off the first year of a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography program (which allows you to use the Creative Cloud editions of photo editing programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom)

  • Free standard shipping (and 50% off international shipping) on photo-related merchandise orders from Flickr that total over $25 (includes things such as photo books and wall hangings)


That's a bit about the (potential) costs involved in using Flickr!


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