Is Kik Free and How Much Can It Cost?

Well, we've told you a bit about what Kik is, and gone over some safety tips for using Kik.  Now, we'll talk about how much it costs to use Kik Messenger.  Don't worry; it will be a very short conversation.

So, how much does Kik cost?

Kik Messenger is free!  It costs no money to download and install Kik Messenger.  It also doesn't cost any money to use the app… well, at least not directly.  While using Kik Messenger itself won't cost you money, it may use up some of your monthly data if you aren't connected to a Wi-Fi network while using it.

To avoid paying for data while using the app, they recommends enabling the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks on your mobile device, at least while using Kik Messenger.  Connecting to a Wi-Fi network allows you to use Kik Messenger without taking up any memory usage on your monthly data plan. 

In the event that you don't have any nearby Wi-Fi networks to connect to, we also recommends contacting your telecom provider to check how much memory per month you are allotted on your data plan, and how much of this data you typically use per month.  That way, you can use Kik Messenger (and the rest of the apps on your mobile device) responsibly, and not get charged extra money on your telecom bill for using more than your allotted data per month.


Well, that's our brief note on the costs of Kik!  Next up, we'll review Kik's pros and cons.