Kayak.com Review

Now that you know what Kayak is and how it works, and have read the previous article on how to stay safe while using Kayak, you may be thinking about signing up for an account. Before you do, we’ll break down the pros and cons of using this travel comparison and booking website. Hopefully, they’ll help you decide if using Kayak.com to find the lowest prices for your vacation will be worth it for you.


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  • Get the best deals, fast – Kayak’s purpose is to help you get the lowest price – period – on your travel accommodations. They even highlight the lowest price in green, so you always know which travel booking website is the least expensive to book with. And even if another travel booking website has a lower price than Kayak, they will let you know! You can compare prices between all of its many partners, and save money on every trip!
  • Track prices over time – Kayak allows you to set up price alerts. This allows you to track prices of travel accommodations weekly, and see how they change over time. That way, if you’re interested in a hotel or a flight and have time to plan your trip in advance, you can watch price trends to make sure you make a smart booking decision.
  • Use Kayak tools to plan your trip – Kayak has some great resources to help you plan your trip. You can use the Kayak trip planner to save your searches, reservations, and any information you gather over time to keep it all in one place. You can also create itineraries to plan every hour of your trip!


  • Lack of ingenuity – Though Kayak offers you the chance to see the lowest prices for booking travel accommodations, and gives you resources to help you plan your trip, its features are not particularly inventive. Compared to other travel websites, they have a smaller number of user reviews of accommodations, and do not offer any sort of “lowest price guarantee”. Kayak can help you find the lowest prices, but if you’re looking for a more comprehensive travel website, you may want to consider one of Kayak’s competitors.
  • Potential safety concerns – There are some potential risks associated with most travel booking websites, in that you usually need to enter personal and/or financial information. Though Kayak is not more of a safety risk than any other travel website, it is still important to exercise caution when using it. Only enter your personal information when absolutely necessary, and beware of fraudulent emails.

The Bottom Line: 7.5/10

Kayak has many great features to offer you. They will always show you the lowest prices on booking travel accommodations, even when those prices aren’t their own. Not only can you get the best deals fast, but you can also set up price alerts to track accommodations price trends over time. You can also utilize the Kayak trip planner to save all of your searches on the website, so you never forget the great hotels or flights you’ve been looking at.

Though Kayak is great for finding the lowest prices on travel accommodations, the website does not offer features that are particularly unique when compared to other travel websites. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use travel comparison website, Kayak is great for you. It also does not pose many potential dangers or risks; however, you should consider checking out our tutorial on how to stay safe while using Kayak to learn tips on how you can stay safe while using the services on Kayak.com


That’s our rundown on Kayak.com! In the rest of our Kayak course, we’ll give you step-by-step tutorials on how to sign up for an account, and how to use it to book travel.