Lifehacker Review

Now that we've told you what Lifehacker is, it’s time to break down the pros and cons of Lifehacker.  You can decide if this online blog will actually make your life easier, or if it will fill your time with tips and tricks that don’t even work.


  • Makes your life easier – Lifehacker has one purpose: to help you improve your ability to complete tasks you probably do on a daily basis. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll learn something useful while browsing the site. There are thousands of articles and videos to help you start simplifying your life.
  • It’s completely free! – Because Lifehacker is an online blog, it is 100% free to use, and always will be. There are no paid components of Lifehacker, and you don’t even need to sign up to view the articles on the site. Anyone can simply go to and start reading. Lifehacker makes its money from ads and sponsored pages, but they don’t affect your ability to learn as many life hacks as you can. 
  • The how-to videos and “Tip Tester” series – The Lifehacker YouTube channel is one of the most useful tools for a Lifehacker user. It includes in-depth, step-by-step guides to help you understand more complex problems, as well as the “Tip Tester” series.  This series of videos actually tests the life hacks right before your eyes to determine not only if they work, but if they are better than the normal way you’ve been doing things.


  • Difficult to navigate through content – Lifehacker does not have an easily-accessible menu function that allows you to browse through categories, despite the fact that each entry is sorted into a category and tagged with multiple keywords. Your best way to find something that you want to read on Lifehacker is just to browse through the site and click on whatever seems interesting to you.
  • The articles are all opinion-based – Keep in mind that Lifehacker articles are written by a group of writers who are paid to find life hacks. There’s no one here to debunk the hacks, and no assurance that any of these things will actually work. Some articles can also be a bit strange, and based on an idea that may not necessarily be sound. For a laugh, check out our personal favourite here.
  • Know when you’re reading sponsored content – One of the ways Lifehacker makes money is by writing sponsored content, meaning that they explain how a specific product is great for life hacking. Though these products may be the best products for you, keep in mind that these articles are advertisements for the products, and could be ignoring other cheaper or more efficient ways of doing something. There is quite a bit of sponsored content on Lifehacker, and these are often placed above non-sponsored articles when you scroll, regardless of their relevancy.

The bottom line: 7.5/10

Lifehacker is a popular online blog for a reason: you can learn things there that might never have occurred to you, and that make your life so much easier. Though there are a lot of articles to try to navigate through on Lifehacker, all of them aim to help you, regardless of what the topic is. If you’re wary of the sponsored articles, and exercise caution when employing a life hack, you should have no trouble at all using this blog, and your life will get much easier.

With Lifehacker, you can learn how to save money and reduce waste with extra things that you have lying around your house. You’ll save yourself from buying unnecessary products when you have all the tools at home to do the same job. You’ll see the clever solutions that people have come up with to life’s annoying problems. Chances are that there’s an easier way to do something than the way you’ve been doing it, so why not give Lifehacker a try?


Now that you’ve seen the good and bad of Lifehacker, you might be considering using it. Check out our next tutorial on how to use Lifehacker if you want to get started life hacking today!