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Last updated: April 26, 2017 - 12:36pm EDT

It's no secret that LinkedIn is all about networking. If you're interested in meeting new people, and following the activity of companies or prominent people and what they're posting about and doing in their professional lives, then you should read up on LinkedIn followers, and learn how to keep up with everything you're interested in on LinkedIn.

What are "followers" on LinkedIn?

"Followers" are people on LinkedIn who are not directly connected to you, but are interested in your LinkedIn activity. Following a person or company on LinkedIn allows you to receive updates on content that they have posted publicly on LinkedIn, right from the convenience of your LinkedIn home page.

However, you cannot endorse them, recommend them, or send them messages (at least without LinkedIn Premium) like you can if they are one of your "Connections." But you will automatically "follow" your "Connections" and their activity on LinkedIn.

How to follow a person or company on LinkedIn

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Search or browse for a person whom you'd like to follow, and then click on their name to go to their profile page.

  3. Click the arrow beside the large button in the main window of their profile, and click Follow.  (To stop following them, do this again.)

    Follow a LinkedIn user

  4. You can also find companies to follow by moving your mouse cursor over Interests in the menu across the top, and then clicking Companies.

    LinkedIn companies button

  5. This will display companies that you might be interested in following.  Click the "+" icon in the top-right corner of a company's picture to follow them.

    Follow a LinkedIn company

  6. You can also follow people, channels, and companies that you find through LinkedIn Pulse in much the same way.

    Follow from LinkedIn Pulse

How to get more LinkedIn followers

1. Build up your profile

We gave you some basic information in our turorial on how to write a great LinkedIn profile, but there are many other things that you can add to your profile!  List some of your skills, general interests, volunteer experience, causes that you believe in, and more! The more that other users can see about your professional life, the more likely they'll be interested enough in you to follow you.

2. Contribute to LinkedIn Pulse

People normally follow you on LinkedIn when you have intriguing things to say. The best way to showcase that is on LinkedIn Pulse. Leave a comment on a story that you like, respond to someone else's comment, or try your hand at writing an article yourself!

3.  Join and contribute to groups

Joining groups is another great way to potentially get followers.  Contribute to discussions, ask questions, and provide answers.  The more you help out and keep the discussion going, the more people will want to see what you have to say next!


Well, that's a bit about followers on LinkedIn! Who are you following? And how many followers do you have?


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