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Last updated: April 26, 2017 - 9:51am EDT

If you are able to use LinkedIn to find a job, or connect with people in a relevant field, you may want to contact them personally. Reaching out to other users who you find through searching, groups, or any other method can be a great way to network and find better opportunities. The best way to do that is LinkedIn messages - so read on to learn about what they are, and how to send them.

What are LinkedIn messages?

Messages on LinkedIn are like LinkedIn's own internal email service. You can send messages to your contacts and connections, and only they can see the information within. You can also send messages to people who aren't connected to you, but this requires you to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.

How to send a message on LinkedIn

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click the envelope icon in the top-right corner and click Messages.  (If a number appears beside either of these, it indicates how many unread messages you have.)

    LinkedIn messages button

  3. Here, you can click a message to read it, or click one of the two buttons underneath it and to the left to archive it or delete it.  Or, click the star underneath it and to the right to mark it as important, so that you can find it again more easily.

    LinkedIn messages options

  4. To send a message of your own, start by clicking New.

    Click in the box marked "To" and type in the name(s) of the contact(s) that you want to send this email to (LinkedIn will give you suggestions as you type; click a connection to select them).  Then click in the box labelled "Subject" and type in what your message is about.  Then click in the box labelled "Type Your Message" and type in what you want to say to your contacts.

    Writing and sending a LinkedIn message

    You can also click Attach Files to bring up an explorer window, where you can search your computer for a picture, document, or whatever else you want to show to your contacts.  Click it to select it, and then click Open to attach it to your message. (If you want to remove a file that you've attached from your message, click the "X" beside it)

    When you're all done, click Send Message.

That's about all you need to know to read and send messages on LinkedIn! Remember that if you ever receive a message with spam, which can sometimes happen as some people use LinkedIn, you should report the message to help protect other users as well! You can also contact LinkedIn customer service if you have any repeated issues with other users.


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