LinkedIn Settings

If you’re an active user on LinkedIn, and you want to customize it to get the most out of it, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to teach you how to change all the different types of settings on LinkedIn, and how to properly manage your account.


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How to change LinkedIn settings

To adjust your settings on LinkedIn, go to in your web browser and log in. Click Me on the top menu, and then select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.

Access LinkedIn Account Settings

This screen will allow you to change any of your settings, and we’ll break down all of the categories of settings you can change on LinkedIn below. Click Change on the right side of the screen to change any setting available to you. This will bring up a new window allowing you to customize your settings. A toggle switch will tell you if a setting is enabled or not: a blue toggle (pushed right) means a setting is enabled, and a grey toggle (pushed left) means the setting is disabled. Click any toggle to change the setting.

Enable and disable settings

You can also click Details on the right of the screen to open even more detailed options in any category. As you make changes, they will be saved instantly, and automatically.

Below is a list of all the settings and options available to you for change, so you know exactly how much you can customize your LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn Account settings

Account Settings menu


Email addresses

  • Add or remove email addresses on your account

Phone numbers

  • Add a phone number to help with signing in

Change password


  • Select the the language you want to use on LinkedIn (you can choose from 24 available languages)

Name, location, and industry

  • Be taken directly to your profile to edit this information

Where you’re signed in

  • Review where you’re signed in on your LinkedIn account
  • See the location and platform used to access LinkedIn with your account

Feed preferences

  • Be taken to a page that allows you to follow new people to customize your feed. Click Done when finished.

Autoplay videos

  • Choose if you want videos to play automatically in your LinkedIn feed

Showing profile photos

  • Choose to show or hide the profile photos of other LinkedIn users
  • Choose to see the photos of All LinkedIn members, your connections, your network, or no one

Getting an archive of your data

  • Download an archive of your LinkedIn activity, including account data, posts, connections, recommendations, messages, and more
  • Choose to get a fast file immediately, or a fast file plus all data, which takes up to 24 hours

Partners and third parties

Permitted services

  • View and manage the services you’ve authorized to connect with your LinkedIn account
  • Click Remove to disable permissions

Twitter settings

  • Manage your Twitter settings if you have connected Twitter to your LinkedIn account
  • Click Add your Twitter Account if you want to set up the connection


Try Premium

  • You can try out LinkedIn Premium for free for 14 days (if you haven’t already done so)


Closing your LinkedIn account

  • Choose to delete or disable your LinkedIn account, which we can teach you about in detail here with this tutorial

Merging LinkedIn accounts

  • If you have more than one LinkedIn account, you can transfer your connections from one account to another, and then close one of the accounts

LinkedIn Privacy settings

Privacy settings menu

Profile privacy

Edit your public profile

  • Be taken directly to your profile page to edit any aspect of it

Who can see your connections

  • Choose who can see your connections – either only you, or your connections

Viewers of this profile also viewed

  • Would you like your profile to display “Viewers of this profile also viewed” to other LinkedIn users?

Sharing profile edits

  • Would you like your network to be aware when you make changes to your profile?

Profile viewing options

  • Choose how you appear to other users when viewing their profiles on LinkedIn
  • Choose from:
    Your name and headline – Ex. “Kayleigh Fleury, Content Writer at” (with profile picture)
    Private profile characteristics – Ex. “Content Writer at” (no profile picture)
    Private mode – Ex. “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” (no profile picture)

Notifying connections when you’re in the news

  • Choose to notify your connections if you’re mentioned in the news

Who can see your last name

  • Choose to have your last name appear in full, or appear as just an initial
    Ex. Kayleigh Fleury OR Kayleigh F.

Blocking and hiding


  • Choose if everyone on LinkedIn can follow your activity, or if only your connections can


  • View the list of people you have blocked on LinkedIn
  • Unblock them, if you wish


  • See the list of people you have Unfollowed on LinkedIn, and choose to refollow them here, if you wish

Job seeking

Sharing your profile when you click apply

  • Choose to share your LinkedIn profile when you apply for a job on LinkedIn

Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities

  • Share that you are open to new career opportunities so you can appear as a match for job openings at other companies
  • NOTE: LinkedIn won’t share this information with your current company, however, your current employer may be able to see this, for example, if a job is posted at your company and you meet the requirements. Think carefully about whether you would be okay with your current boss knowing you are open to new positions.

Data privacy and advertising

Suggesting you as a connection based on your email addresses

  • Choose who can see you as a suggested connection if they have your email address, from everyone on LinkedIn, second-degree connections, or nobody

Suggesting you as a connection based on your phone number

  • Choose who can see you as a suggested connection if they have your phone number, from everyone on LinkedIn, second-degree connections, or nobody

Representing your organization

  • Choose if your profile information is shared on your employers page, including on job detail pages for potential candidates

Profile visibility off LinkedIn

  • Choose if your profile is visible off of LinkedIn, on other applications paired with LinkedIn such as in Outlook or search engines

Advertising preferences

  • Choose if LinkedIn can advertise to you, and whether you would like to opt out


Two-step verification

  • Decide to turn on two-step verification to enhance the security on your account

LinkedIn Communications settings

Communications menu


Email frequency

  • Choose what types of email notifications you want to receive
  • You can choose to get (or not to get) emails for:
    – Invitations
    – Messages
    – Notifications
    – Network updates
    – Jobs and opportunities
    – News and articles relevant to you
    – Group updates
    – Messages from LinkedIn with tips and offers
    – Messages from LinkedIn Learning – updates on the most in-demand skills

Who can send you invitations

  • Choose who can send you invitations on LinkedIn: everyone, only people who have your email or appear in your list of imported contacts, or only people in your important contacts list

Messages from members

  • Choose what types of messages you’d like to receive, either just introductions, or InMail (a Premium feature) as well
  • Let other members know what kinds of messages you’re interested in: career opportunities, expertise requests, consulting offers, business deals, new ventures, personal reference requests, job inquiries, requests to connect
  • Add customized advice for those who want to contact you

Read receipts and typing indicators

  • Choose if you would like to send read receipts when sending or receiving messages


Group invitations

  • Would you like to receive an invitation to join groups?

Group notifications

  • Choose if you would like your network to be notified if you join a group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn messages

Participate in research

  • You can enable this feature to receive invitations to participate in research, give feedback, or complete surveys
  • Participation is still voluntary, so even if you enable this feature, you will still be asked each time if you would like to participate
  • NOTE: even if you participate, your personal information will not be shared with anyone

Partner InMail

  • Choose if you want LinkedIn’s partners to send you promotional and informational messages
  • Choose if LinkedIn’s hiring campaign partners can send you promotional messages


That’s an explanation of the many different settings that you can adjust on LinkedIn! We hope that helps you customize your account, and get the most you can out of this great website.