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Last updated: September 8, 2015 - 10:33pm EDT

LinkedIn is all about the connection you can make, and showcasing your skills to potential employers. One of the best ways to do this is with "Recommendations," which can be a great way to make an impression on a potential future employer.

What are recommendations on LinkedIn?

Recommendations are comments written by LinkedIn users about their connections. Usually, they are written with respect to what the person has seen their connection do in terms of their work: their effort, their precision, their skill, and so on. They're testaments from people whom you know and trust about what you're like on the job, and they mean a lot in the eyes of potential employers.

You can only send recommendations to your "Connections," and you can only receive recommendations from them as well.  This is, again, why it's important to have a large list of connections on LinkedIn.

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation for a connection

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Connections in the menu across the top.

    LinkedIn connections button

  3. Once you're on your "Connections" page, click the connection whom you want to write a recommendation for in the middle column, and then click their name in the right column to go to their profile.

    Select a LinkedIn connection

  4. Once you're on your connection's profile, move your mouse cursor over the arrow beside the big button in the middle of their main profile window, and click Recommend.

    Button to recommend a LinkedIn connection

  5. On the next screen, you can put together your recommendation.

    Write a LinkedIn recommendation

    To start, click in the box under "Write a Recommendation" and write something to say about your connection and their work performance.  Then, click in the box under "Your Message to [Connection's Name]" and type in a personalized message to send to your connection about the recommendation that you're giving them.

    Next, click the drop-down menu under "What's Your Relationship?" and select the relationship that you had with this connection at work (e.g. you were their manager/employee, colleague, client, student/teacher, etc.).  Then, click the two drop-down menus below that and select the positions that you and your connection respectively held when you worked together.

    When you're finished drafting your recommendation, click Send.

How to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn

  1. Assuming that you're still logged into LinkedIn, move your mouse cursor over your picture in the top-right corner, and click Privacy & Settings from the menu that drops down.

    LinkedIn settings button

  2. Scroll to the bottom window and in the Profile category, under "Helpful Links," click Manage Your Recommendations.

    Manage LinkedIn recommendations button

  3. Click Ask for Recommendations at the top of the screen. Then, under "What Do You Want To Be Recommended For?", click the drop-down menu and select the position for which you want your connection(s) to write you a recommendation.

    Ask for LinkedIn recommendation form

    Then, under "Who Do You Want To Ask?", click in the box and type in the name of a connection whom you want a recommendation from, and select them when they appear as a suggestion.

    You can ask for recommendations from up to three of your connections at once.  If you decide that you don't want to ask for a recommendation from a specific person, click the "X" next to their name.

  4. For each connection whom you ask for a recommendation from, click the two drop-down menus below them and select your professional relationship to them (e.g. manager/employee, co-worker, student/teacher, etc.) and the position they held when you worked with them.  Then, you can click in the two boxes below "Write Your Message" and personalize your request for a recommendation by customizing the subject and message.

    Confirm asking for LinkedIn recommendation

    When you're ready to submit your request, click Send.

That's our primer on LinkedIn recommendations: what they are, how to give them to your connections, and how to ask for them from your connections!


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