LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements

We all know that resumes are not always the best way to showcase individual skills you possess – there’s just no space to explain all of the things you have learned from your various experiences in only a couple of pages. This is one of the great ways LinkedIn is a resource for you to find jobs, and showcase your skills to potential employers better than you can with the traditional methods.


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If you’re serious about showcasing your skills, be sure to read more about how LinkedIn skills can help you do this, and how you can have your friends and colleagues vouch for you directly on your profile! 

What are LinkedIn skills?

“Skills” on LinkedIn are different business-related competencies that you can add to your profile to show potential employers what you’re good at. For example, you may know something about computer programming, operating heavy machinery, or how to administer CPR, and “Skills” can help you show it.

What is endorsement in LinkedIn?

“Endorsement” on LinkedIn is when your connections vouch for the “Skills” you have listed on your profile, which shows potential employers that you aren’t artificially puffing yourself up. Instead, there are real people you know and trust who can say with confidence that you’re able to do what you say you can.

How to add skills to your LinkedIn profile

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Me in the menu across the top.

    LinkedIn profile menu

  3. At the top-right of the page, click Add New Profile Section.

    Add new section to LinkedIn profile

  4. On the drop-down menu, scroll down and click Skills, and then click the “+ symbol.

    Add skills to your LinkedIn profile

  5. Click in the box marked “Skill” and begin typing. Click on any suggestion that pops up, and then click Add. You can also write your own skill, and just click Add if no suggestions pop up.

    Add specific skills to your LinkedIn profile

    You can do this for as many skills as you posses! You should try to include as many relevant skills as you can, but don’t overdo it. Just make sure you include all skills that are relevant to your field, or your career goals.

How to endorse a connection’s skills on LinkedIn

Mentioning your own skills is only half the process on LinkedIn! Your colleagues and connections can endorse your skills, and essentially, indicate on your profile that they know you possess these skills, and help support the things you’ve written on your profile. Because your connections will do this for you, you need to do it for them too! Here’s how:

  1. Assuming that you’re still on LinkedIn, click My Network in the menu across the top.

    My Network menu on LinkedIn

  2. Once you’re on your “Connections” page, find the connection whom you want to endorse, and click on their name. You will be taken to their profile. From there, scroll down to the section titled “Featured Skills and Endorsements,” and click View [X] More to see all of their skills.

    View the skills of your connections

  3. From this expanded list, all you need to do to endorse your connection is click the “+” symbol beside each skill.

    Endorse your LinkedIn connections

    Once you click the +, it will change to a check mark to indicate you have endorsed your connection. If you ever wanted to take back an endorsement, or you made a mistake, simply click the check mark beside the skill, and it will revert back to a +.


That’s a brief explanation of “Skills” on LinkedIn, including how to add your own and how to endorse those of your connections! Remember, this is a key component of showcasing your abilities, so it’s important to continue to add skills to your profile as time goes on, and it’s important to help your friends and colleagues out by endorsing them!