for Libraries

What is for libraries? for libraries is actually one of a number of group subscription plans (that we mentioned in our How Much Does Cost article) available to multi-user clients of Lynda, including businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations. It allows libraries to pay a flat subscription fee in order to allow any number of their patrons to access Lynda through the library for free.


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What features do I get with for libraries?

  • You can manage who can access Lynda through your library by way of a library card ID system or similar setup.

  • Patrons can access Lynda through your library whether they’re at the library itself or not. All that they need is an Internet connection.

  • Patrons can watch as many tutorial videos as they want, as many times as they want.

  • Patrons can download lesson-related files so that they can follow along with tutorial videos and practice their skills.

  • Patrons can search video transcripts for specific answers, bookmark specific courses and videos to get back to them later with ease, and earn certificates of completion for finishing courses.

Are there any limitations to for libraries?

  • Not all courses may be available.

  • The plan may be limited to your specific library, not your entire library network (though there is a different plan that you can use for this).

How can I get for libraries?

If you manage a library and would like to request a demonstration of what Lynda for libraries can do for your branch, or would like to purchase a subscription, email [email protected] or call:

  • United States: (1)-888-335-9632

  • India: 000-800-100-4446

  • New Zealand: 64-9-801-0567

  • Australia: 61-2-9194-1000

  • Hong Kong: 852-300-85713

  • Singapore: 800-130-1600

  • Europe/Middle East/Africa: 44-33-0822-0331

  • Everywhere else: 1-805-477-3900