How to Make and Upload Vine Videos

Now that Vine has updated to Vine Camera, shooting videos is simpler than ever. It's time for you to take your shot! This tutorial will go through the basic steps of making a Vine video, editing it, saving it, and then sharing it on your favorite social media channels. Remember that your Vine videos will always be saved as a file on your device, so you can share them in any way you see fit!

To make a Vine video, you first need a video clip to work with.  You can upload one from your device, or record one using the Vine Camera app.Then, you need to edit your video and save it to your device. The final step is to choose which people or social networks you wish to share your video with.

Below are walkthroughs for all three phases of making a Vine video: uploading or recording your video clip, editing your video clip, and then posting your video on social networks (or sharing it directly with friends).

How to create a Vine video

  1. Find the Vine application on your mobile device and open it.

    Vine Camera app icon

  2. You are now in Vine's video editor.  To upload a video already on your device into Vine, tap the import icon on the left (it looks like a little arrow pointing up towards a box), tap the location on your device that you want to get your video from, and then tap your video to select it.

    Upload video to Vine Camera app

    NOTE: If you want to record your own video for Vine instead, skip this step and the next one.

  3. Once you've chosen your video, tap and slide your finger over the orange bar below the video to select what segment of the video to upload (remember, videos on Vine can only be a maximum of six seconds in length).  You can also tap and slide the white bar if you want to upload less than 6 seconds worth of footage from this clip.  When you're done, tap Add.

    Crop an uploaded video

  4. If you want to create your own video on Vine, simply tap and hold on the main video screen to record!  The recording stops when you release your finger from the screen.  To continue recording, tap and hold the screen again.  This allows you to record part of a Vine video in one location, and then finish recording in another.

    Record Vine video

    The bar across the top of the screen will turn green to show you how much time you have recorded (and have left) from Vine's six second limit.  If you want to finish recording your Vine video, tap the arrow icon in the top-right corner (and then skip to the next section).  Or, you can tap the "X" to exit your video-making session.  You can choose to save the session for later (more on that below) or discard it.

  5. There are some other tools at the bottom of the screen that can help you in recording your Vine video.

    Video recording tools

    The undo icon (the arrow pointing left with an "X" in it) allows you to review the last segment that you added to your Vine video, and delete it if you don't like it (without getting rid of the rest of your video).  Tap once to review, and twice to delete.

    The wrench icon gives you some technical aids, which will appear below the main toolbar. They are:

    Grid icon: adds a "rule of thirds" grid to your video window, helping you line up your shots.

    Crosshair icon: allows you to switch your video's focus between the foreground and the background.

    Ghost icon: displays a transparent still of the last frame of your most recent segment in the video window; this helps you remember what you were recording last and/or line up where objects were in the shot for when you record your next segment.

    Lightning icon: turns on the flash function of your device's camera if you need help filming in low-light situations.

    The invert icon (the two cycling arrows) allows you to switch between your device's back camera (facing away from you) and front camera (facing towards you), if available.

    The floppy icon allows you to save your current video and work on it later, or select another saved video to work on or delete.  For the latter action, tap and slide your finger to select one of your saved videos, and then tap on it to load it, or tap the trash can icon at the top of the screen to delete it.  You can save up to 10 videos to work on later.

How to edit Vine videos

  1. Once you've recorded or uploaded a Vine video, you can begin the editing process. Tap the white arrow at the top-right of the screen to begin. On the next screen, tap Edit to do more in-depth editing of your video, which we'll discuss in the next step.

    Edit Vine video

  2. To edit your Vine video, first tap the segment of the video that you wish to edit.  Then, you can tap and slide the two white bars at either edge of the screen to control where the segment starts and ends.  You can also tap and slide the segment to re-order it with respect to the other segments in the video, or tap the segment again to de-select it.

    Edit segments

  3. While you have a segment selected, you can also tap the icons at the top of the screen for further options. The copy icon allows you to make a copy of this segment, as long as this will not result in your video being longer than six seconds. The trash can icon allows you to delete this segment. The speaker icon allows you to turn the sound for this segment on or off.

    Copy, delete, or mute a video

  4. If you currently don't have a video segment selected to edit, tap Save to save any changes you have made and quit editing (or tap the back arrow to discard your changes).

    Save or discard a video

How to share a Vine video

  1. After you've made any necessary edits to your Vine video, and have saved it, tap the Share.

    Share button

  2. You will now have to select your sharing options for your Vine video. Your device will show you what options are available to you, and you simply tap one to select it.

    Select a platform to share on

  3. From there, you will need to follow the instructions based on which platform you have selected. For example, here, when sharing to Facebook, simply type a caption and then tap Post.

    Share Vine video on Facebook

    If you're sending them in an email with a service like Gmail, add your recipients, type your message, and then tap the Send button.

    Share Vine video on Gmail


That's about everything you need to know and do in order to make and post a video on Vine!