How Netflix Recommendations Work

With thousands of movies and shows to choose from, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you want to watch. This is why Netflix recommendations are so useful.

Based on what you watch and how you’ve rated shows and movies, Netflix will come up with a list of recommendations just for you. For example, if you want the lawyer drama Suits, you may get recommendations for military drama Homeland or medical drama House, M.D.

This is the major reason to have separate profiles for the people who use your Netflix membership. If more people than just you watch shows and movies on your Netflix profile, you’ll get recommendations that aren’t filtered exactly for you.

3 Ways to Get Better Recommendations

1. Rate the movies and shows you watch

After you watch a show or movie, rate it out of five stars so that Netflix can create more accurate recommendations based on things you’ve already seen.

2. Taste preferences

Access Taste Preferences by going to Your Account and selecting Taste Preferences near the bottom of the settings page. You’ll be able to fill out the survey according to how often you watch a type of show. There are multiple surveys to choose from, such as mood, genre, storylines and more. Not sure about one of the items? Select Need some examples? to see movies and shows that fit that category.

3. Create separate profiles

As said above, creating a separate profile will allow Netflix to filter recommendation results so that you’re getting recommendations for you and not someone else. For more information on how to create a separate profile, check out our Netflix Profiles tutorial.