Other Ways to Use TED.com

Most people come to TED.com to watch the video presentations, but that's not all there is to TED.com!  Here are some other interesting things that you'll find on the website.

TED Ideas Blog

If you move your mouse cursor over the Discover menu across the top and click on Ideas Blog, you can access written articles from TED.com contributors that contain all the kinds of insights that you expect to see in TED video presentations.  Because let's face it: not everyone prefers public speaking to writing a conversational piece (including yours truly). 

Simply click on an article to read it.  From there, you may be able to find TED videos featuring the author, or other related articles to get you thinking.  You can even search the articles for something that you specifically want to see (have a look at our How to Search TED.com tutorial).

TED Newsletter

Want to keep up with what's new on TED.com through the convenience of your email client?  Move your mouse cursor over Discover and select Newsletter from the drop-down menu.  Then, click the check boxes in the bottom-right to decide whether you want TED.com's daily or weekly newsletter (or both).  Then click in the box labelled "Your Email Address" and type in your email address, and then click Submit.  Enjoy having new food for thought arrive right in your digital inbox every day or week!

TED Books

Move your mouse cursor over Discover and click TED Books.  This will show you a series of books by TED.com contributors that expand upon their TED videos (or at least a specific one); you can purchase these books through Amazon.  You can also click The Bookstore to see more books written by TED.com contributors, which can also be purchased through Amazon as well.

TEDx Events

TED conferences are difficult to get into; you need to fill out an application to attend.  TEDx conferences, however, are independently-run events that you can (usually) get tickets to.  If you move your mouse cursor over Attend and click TEDx Events, you can find information on previous and upcoming TEDx conferences around the world… including maybe near you!  Search by the date and location of the event, whether or not there are still spaces available, or whether or not the event will be broadcast online.

TED Live

If you can't make it to a TED conference in person, you can still watch it online with your friends and family!  Move your mouse cursor over Attend and click TED Live.  From there, you can select a purchase option and watch the latest TED conference however you want!  Pause and rewind, view exclusive question-and-answer sessions, read the conference's program guide, and more!


Those are just some of the other things that you can do on TED.com!