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Last updated: January 15, 2017 - 3:12pm EST

What is a Pinterest "board"?

A "board" is a category that you create and use to store and organize the visual bookmarks -- called "pins" -- that you find on Pinterest.  For example, you can have a board for dream vacation destinations, another one for cute animal pictures, another for tips on improving your golf game, and so on.  You can also create "group boards" that your friends can add pins to as well, or create "secret boards" that nobody else on Pinterest can see, except you and people you invite to it.

How to create a Pinterest board

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click on your name in the top-right corner to go to your personal page on Pinterest.

  3. Click on Boards to select this category (if it isn't selected already), and then click Create a Board.

  4. A form will appear allowing you to choose options for creating the board.  Click on the yellow circles in the screenshot below to learn more about each option.



    Click in this box and type in a name for your board, in order to distinguish it from other boards that you create or on Pinterest.



    Click in this box and type in some details about the types of pins that you plan to put on this board.



    Click this drop-down menu to select one of Pinterest's pre-set categories to add this board to.  This makes it easier for people on Pinterest to find your board, if they're looking for one of a specific type.  If you don't think your board fits any of the categories, there is an Other option at the bottom that you can select.


    Add a Map?

    Enabling this option (by clicking it) will turn this board into a "place board".  This means that you can add location information to any of the pins that you put on this board.  It also (as the name suggests) adds a map to the board, with the locations specified in the pins on the board all marked on the map.


    Keep it Secret?

    Enabling this option (by clicking it) will turn this board into a "secret board".  This means that nobody on Pinterest can see this board or the pins that you add to it, except for you and people that you specifically allow to see it.  (Note: you can reveal a secret board at any time, but you can't turn a public board into a secret one.)


    Who Can Add Pins?

    By default, you are the only person who can add pins to a board that you create.  However, you may want to turn a board into a "group board" by letting other people you know share pins that they find on the same board.  In this way, for example, you and your friends can add recipes that you find on Pinterest to the same board and turn it into your very own gourmet cookbook!
    To give another person permission to add pins to this board, click in the box labelled "Type a Name or Email" and type in your friend's name or email address.  Then click Add.  Repeat this process for however many other people you want to be able to add pins to the board.


    Create Board

    Click here when you're done entering the required information and selecting your desired options.

    Once everything's in place and you click Create Board, you're all set!

  5. If you ever want to edit a board's details, like its description or whether or not it's public, go back to the main area of your personal page (click your name in the top-right corner again), go back to Boards, and click Edit underneath the board whose details you want to change.

How to add pins to a Pinterest board

To pin something to one of your Pinterest boards, click a board to select it, and then click Add a Pin.  You can choose to add a pin with an Internet link, or you can post a picture from your own computer.

You can also add a pin to a board by finding one that's already on Pinterest, clicking the Pin It button in the top-left corner, and then selecting what board you want to add it to.

There are also ways to add pins to your boards from things you find on other pages out there on the Internet.  See our How to Pin on Pinterest tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to add pins to a Pinterest board.

How to follow a board on Pinterest

Besides the fact that Pinterest lets you choose some boards to follow when you sign up, following a new board is easy!  Just find one that you like, click it to select it, and then click Follow.

See our Pinterest Search tutorial if you need help finding stuff like boards on Pinterest.

Well, those are some of the basic ways to use boards on Pinterest!


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