How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn

Last updated: March 23, 2016 - 8:50pm EDT

You don't have to use LinkedIn solely to find jobs for yourself.  If you're running a company of your own, you can also use LinkedIn to find people to hire.  And, as we demonstrated in our How to Find a Job on LinkedIn tutorial, you can have people apply for the job right on LinkedIn using their profiles!

Note that posting a job on LinkedIn costs money, and can cost additional money if you want to advertise your job posting and get it more exposure on LinkedIn.  You may also need to have a company page on LinkedIn, too.  See our LinkedIn Company Pages tutorial for how to create one.

To post a job on LinkedIn

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Jobs in the menu across the top.

    LinkedIn jobs button

  3. Under "Are You Hiring?", click Post a Job.  Then click Post a Job again on the next screen.

    LinkedIn post job button

  4. On the next screen, you can set up your job posting.  It's a fairly large form, so will break it down into sections.

    LinkedIn job initial information form

    At the top of the screen, click in the text boxes and drop-down menus and type in or select:

    - Your company's name (click a suggestion that LinkedIn gives you)
    - The industry that your company is in
    - The job's title (click a suggestion that LinkedIn gives you)
    - The experience level that you want job candidates to have
    - The general overall role of the job
    - The class of employment (e.g. full-time, part-time, contract, volunteer, etc.)

  5. Next, click in the box labelled "Job Description" and type in details about the job.

    LinkedIn job description box

  6. Next, select whether you want to allow people to apply for your job on LinkedIn or not.  If you do, type in the email address at which you want to be notified when an application comes in.  If not, type in the address of the website at which people can apply for the job.

    Next, choose whether or not you want your LinkedIn profile to appear on the job posting.

    Finally, click the drop-down menu labelled "Country" and select what country the job is being offered in, and then click in the box labelled "[Mailing] Code" and type in the mailing code for the region that the job is being offered in.

    Once you've completed this step and the two above, click Continue.

  7. On the next screen, you will be asked if you want to advertise your job to get it more exposure on LinkedIn.  Assuming that you don't, just click Continue.

  8. On the next screen, you'll decide how to pay for your job posting.  First, click on the number of job postings that you wish to buy.  The window below will change to reflect the cost, depending on your choice.

    Select number of LinkedIn job postings

  9. Next, decide how you are going to pay for your posting(s).

    Enter billing information for LinkedIn job posting

    First, click either the button beside the credit card logos or the button beside the PayPal logo to decide whether you will pay by credit card or PayPal.  (If you decide to pay by PayPal, click Continue to PayPal, log in, and follow the instructions.  You will be led back to this page eventually.)

    Assuming that you want to pay by credit card, click in each of the boxes and drop-down menus highlighted in the screenshot above and type in or select (as they appear on your card):

    - Your first name
    - Your last name
    - Your card number
    - The month that your card expires
    - The year that your card expires
    - Your card's security code (move your cursor over the graphic for help)
    - The country that issued your credit card
    - Your mailing code

    Once you've filled out this information, click Review Order.

You will receive a confirmation email, and your job will be live on LinkedIn for 30 days. 

That's how to post jobs on LinkedIn!  We wish you luck in finding the person who is right for your company.


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