Priceline Cancellation Policy

Last updated: January 26, 2016 - 12:58pm EST

What is Priceline's cancellation policy?

Generally, cancelling an accommodation through is subject to the cancellation policies of the airline, hotel (chain), or rental car company that you are booking with.  However, in general, bookings made through the "Name Your Own Price" or "Express Deals" systems cannot be cancelled or changed.

The only exception is if you use either of these systems to book a hotel, and then need to book additional days (due to inclement weather, personal emergencies, or other changes to travel plans).  In this circumstance, Priceline may be able to help you change your booking itinerary.

Be sure to read the cancellation policy of the airline, hotel, or car rental company carefully.  It can usually be found while you're in the process of booking your accommodation, or it may be accessible from your itinerary (which we'll show you how to find below).

Or, if you want to book with a company that has a clearer cancellation policy, try or one of Priceline's other competitors.

How to cancel a Priceline flight, hotel, or car rental booking

  1. Open your web browser and go to  In the upper-right corner, move your mouse cursor over the My Trips menu and select View, Print, or Email Your Itinerary.

  2. Click in the boxes labelled "Email Address" and "Trip Number" and type in your email address and the ID number on your itinerary (which you should have printed out after making your booking; it may also be found in your email inbox).

    If you can't find your itinerary ID number for some reason, click the check box labelled "I Don't Have My Trip Number".  Then, click in the two new boxes that appear and type in, respectively, your email address and the last four digits of your credit card number.

    When you're all set, click Continue.

Priceline should be able to find your itinerary for you.  If your booking is eligible to be cancelled or changed, you should be able to find a link to let you do it (i.e. it should say "Change My Flight" or "Cancel My Car Rental" or something to that effect).  Click on it, make any changes you need to (which shouldn't be too different from the process of originally booking your accommodation), and then confirm your changes.

If this process doesn't work, you can contact Priceline's customer service department (see our How to Contact Priceline Customer Service tutorial), or else contact the airline, hotel, or car rental company that you booked with directly.  One of these parties should be able to help you get your booking changed or cancelled.

Now you know what to do if you have a change of plans and need to alter or cancel your booking made through!


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