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Last updated: January 2, 2017 - 9:39pm EST is one of the most well-known travel accommodations booking websites out there today.  It has fairly reliable basic booking services and customer service, and its innovative "Name Your Own Price" system allows you to score deals on hotel rooms, flights, and rental cars if you're willing to be a little flexible with your travel plans.  However, Priceline's rewards system is a bit limited in scope (e.g. coupon codes can only be used on "Express Deals" or "Name Your Own Price" hotel bookings), and the "Name Your Own Price" system can be somewhat frustrating to use if you need flexible travel dates or don't research what a reasonable price to bid would be.

If you're looking for Priceline competitors that have better rewards plans, try or  If you like Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" system, works similarly.  Or, if you're looking for information to help you decide where to travel, check out or

Priceline has a lot of rivals when it comes to booking travel accommodations online.  Here are ten of the most popular Priceline alternatives.

1. Orbitz


Orbitz is noted for being one of the most reliable websites like Priceline, in terms of having high customer satisfaction and quality customer service.  Its "Orbucks" program allows you to earn on-site currency by making bookings, or by finding the same itinerary on a competitor's website at a lower price.  You can then use "Orbucks" to save money on your bookings.



( is similar to in that it specializes in travel lodgings only, as opposed to flights, car rentals, cruises, or entire vacation packages.  The trade-off is that you get a much larger selection of lodgings to choose from.  Not only does have listings from over 850,000 hotels worldwide, but it also allows for the booking of rental properties (much like below) on its main website and on sister website is available in over 40 different languages, and it will never charge you booking fees for reserving a room or property.


3. FlipKey

( is somewhat different from other alternatives to Priceline.  Instead of letting you book flights, hotels, or car rentals from brand-name companies, FlipKey allows you to rent lodgings from property owners who aren't going to be using the spaces themselves.  It has over 30,000 listings in over 1100 locations worldwide, and all property owners are verified by the website staff in order to weed out scammers.  Plus, with thousands of daily discounts, you can usually rent for less!


4. Hotwire


If you enjoy using Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" service, then you should check out Hotwire.  Like the "unpublished rates" function on (below), Hotwire lets you book travel accommodations that companies are just trying to sell off in order to avoid taking a loss.  As a result, you will get deep discounts when booking through Hotwire, but you won't know some the exact details of what you booked until after you're done booking.


5. Expedia


Expedia is another Priceline alternative that a lot of people use.  Like, Expedia has a rewards program that gives you coupons as you book hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, or vacation packages.  You can then use these coupons to save on future bookings.  Expedia also has an "unpublished rates" function that lets you save on hotel bookings... as long as you're okay with leaving the exact hotel and rooms up to chance.

We have an Expedia course that can teach you how to use this website, if you're interested.



( is a great resource if you are looking to book a rental property for a vacation, as opposed to a hotel room.  By partnering with rental property booking websites worldwide, it allows you to search for listings on them all at once, instead of site by site.  As a bonus, you can compare the prices of listings that are posted on multiple sites at once, so you won't have to worry about overpaying for a booking on one site when you could have gotten it for cheaper on another website.  You can also get money-saving promotional codes here, as wel!

Our course has more information, if you're interested.


7. Travelocity


Another popular Priceline competitor, Travelocity features an easy-to-use interface that will help you book travel accommodations with one of over 140 airlines or 140,000 hotels around the world.  Like, Travelocity doesn't charge booking fees, and it also contains news and advice suited to where you want to travel and what you want to do once you get there.


8. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor isn't known so much as a travel booking website (like the other websites on this list) as it is a travel information website, similar to what you'll see a bit of on  It contains reviews and discussion forums on popular travel destinations and the facilities therein, such as restaurants, shopping malls, and other entertainment hotspots.  However, it does allow you to book flights and hotels, similar to how Priceline does.




Like its name implies, lets you book hotels.  However, the name is a bit misleading, since its over 325,000 listings from over 19,000 locations don't just include hotels.  Like, allows bookings for certain rental properties, too, such as bed & breakfasts, apartments, condominiums, and vacation homes.  Plus, for every 10 nights that you stay at properties booked through, you can take the price of one night off a future booking!


10. Trivago


Like, Trivago isn't really a travel booking website itself.  Instead, it collects information on hotel booking prices and reviews from over 300 travel booking websites (including Priceline), and sorts them into one convenient, easy-to-use website.  That way, you can compare prices for hotel rooms across multiple popular travel websites at once, and then book on the one with the lowest price.


Have you planned a getaway with any of these sites like  Was it paradise as you expected, or a nightmare of complications?  Are there other travel websites not on this list that you like to book with?  Good or bad, let us know by leaving a comment below, or on our social media pages.


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